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January 2, 2017
Psalms 63

Psalms 63 Blog post

 In a time of turmoil and intensity of emotion while being hunted by King Saul, David had settled in his heart to lean on the Almighty.   He delighted in God’s fellowship, knowing He was not forsaken. He declared God’s outcome, rather than being fearful and discouraged.

In our day-to-day difficulties, are we more aware of our desire for God or our desperation for relief?  In times when He is silent do we choose to bask in His fellowship rather than feel forsaken? When struggling with one or many things that the enemy brings forth are we able to fully trust in God’s outcome?  When we allow God to deepen our experience with Him, we are transformed. We develop a sense of longing for Him, not merely answers or solutions from Him. Gradually we desire Him and His fellowship more than anything else—a longing that will never be fully satisfied on this side of heaven. 

Dear Lord, we pray to know You more fully in and through our situations, whether it be grief, loneliness, sickness, or various trials.  Amen.  

Stephanie Sheehan

School of Business and Management

Southern Adventist University 

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