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January 9, 2017
Psalms 70

Psalms 70 Blog post

Jesus’ forgiveness of his executioners, “for they know not what they do,” will not save them from ultimate punishment.  The forgiveness reflected Jesus’ attitude of pity for them.  When surrounded by an array of persecutors the attitude of forgiveness can bring peace.  It places you above hurt, above self-pity, above doubt. However, there is even the danger of feeling pride and superiority in forgiveness, which is something we must guard against.

There are those who sought after David’s life (verse 2) and there are those who sought God (verse 4).  Those who sought God were not David’s enemies.  The king asks blessings for them.  Those who sought to trouble David are also enemies of God, because David is on God’s side. In fact the reason they are David’s enemies is because David has openly sided with God.  David can boldly call for their ruin because they oppose God and all that is good.  If your enemies are opponents because they are opposing God, then you must condemn their actions.

However, David did not take matters into his own hands.  He refrained from commanding trusted soldiers to take care of these tormentors.  Rather, he took the problem to God and left his burdens there. 

Gordon Christo

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