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January 11, 2017
Psalms 72

Psalms 72 Blog post

How long is your wish list?  When God asked Solomon for what he wanted he asked for just one thing – wisdom. 

Someone asked a woman who had worked in the kitchen of an orphanage almost all her life what she would ask for if she were granted three wishes.  Without thinking she replied, “Enough food for all the children.”  For the second wish she said, “Maybe a washing machine.” Pressed for the third wish, she thought for a while and then said, “I don’t know.  Two is enough.” Who among us would not have paused for reflection, but only because we would have had trouble narrowing our list to three!

Solomon’s wisdom and acute sense of justice became legendary.  His faithfulness to God resulted in the prosperity of the nation.  God granted him further blessings – victory in wars which resulted in considerable wealth, and long life.
Sadly, much of Solomon’s long life was wasted because he forsook God.  He pursued fame and honor. He sought happiness in acquisitions.  The wise king came to his senses and realized, as he had at the very beginning, that happiness is a gift from God, but he had wasted so much valuable time.

Gordon Christo

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Chapter 2—The Temple and Its Dedication The long-cherished plan of David to erect a temple to the Lord, Solomon wisely carried out. For seven years Jerusalem was filled with busy workers engaged in leveling the chosen site, in building vast retaining walls, in laying broad foundations,—“great stones, costly stones, and hewed stones,”—in shaping the heavy timbers brought from the Lebanon forests,…
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