Solomon Islands: Non-Adventist Village Keeps Sabbath and Returns Tithe

March 19, 2013


A Regional Director in the Solomon Islands Mission on the Island of Makira (East Solomon Islands) tells about a group who turned up at the Regional office one day with a bag of money and handed it over to the Pastor. "What's this for?" he asked. "That's the tithe from our village for the last few months," came the reply. These people come from a Sunday-keeping village. The pastor of the church had been taught by an Adventist teacher many years prior and now, along with one of the former members of parliament (in studying the Bible), came under the conviction of the Sabbath truth. They shared this with the rest of the community, and they have made the change in the day of worship. They have been patiently waiting for God to send them a Seventh-day Adventist minister so that they could give him their tithes. Since none came, they faithfully trekked to the office to hand over their money. Leaders are now prayerfully and earnestly searching for a VIA (Volunteer in Action) that might be available to go and live amongst these people. No wonder the gospels tell us that if Gods disciples don't speak up then the rocks will cry out in their place (Luke 19:39-40). God is going to finish this work with or without you! I'm in . . . . how about you?  --As told by Pastor Wayne Boehm, former president of Solomon Islands Mission, and current president of the Fiji Mission.  

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