Spanish Church Plants an English Church in South Bronx, New York

September 10, 2013


The Fusion SDA Church was organized as a company on January
5, 2013, by the Mott Haven Spanish Church. Young people, between the ages of
13-28, took the initiative and went out to serve their community, and today
more than 40 people meet there every Sabbath. The young people are the leaders and
elders of the church. Several of them are professionals. There are very few
older adults. They were organized as a church in September, 2013.

True miracles have been taking place every week. These young
people have been working in 22 community centers, and they currently have eight
walk-by Prayer Stations, and conduct 130 Bible studies every week.

The first convert was a homosexual. God changed his life and
he is now a living testimony of the power of God. Today he is a faithful member
of the church and active in witnessing.

The leader of a local gang that was a scourge to the community
was invited to the meetings. His life changed, too, and he was baptized along
with his wife. Today he is one of the leaders of the group, completely
transformed by the Gospel. He is a blessing to his community.

When a girl who was a marijuana addict, saw this ex-gang
leader dressed in a suit and praying with people on the street, his face
radiating love, she was shocked. In fact, she was so amazed, that she stopped
in front of the table where they were distributing pamphlets and materials and
praying with people. Trembling, she came forward and asked this ex-gang leader
if he was the same man. She couldn’t believe it when he confirmed that he was.
She was so impressed by the change in him that she started studying the Bible
and is now preparing for baptism.

Bishop Dr. Randall Giles, ex-Pentecostal Archbishop of New
York, who for many years has known of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, saw the
work these young people were doing on the street, and was inspired to attend
the meetings. He said, “I’m staying right here in this place.” He is now
helping with the witnessing work, and wants to become a Seventh-day Adventist
preacher. His Pentecostal church disbanded, and he is now working to bring them
all into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Several people already attend every

A young boy, who liked the church service, invited his
mother for a special Mother’s Day gift. The gift was a special program at the
church. As a result, the whole family is studying the Bible.

This summer, the group plans to be on the streets every day
after work or school. They plan to buy a lot of bottled water and set up prayer
stations on the street from where they’ll give away the free water to people as
they pass. These bottles will be wrapped in Bible messages and invitations to
study the Bible. The group is committed to handing out not just water, but the
Water of Life.

These young people have been transformed into true
disciples. They are not afraid, nor are they shy. They have no problem
approaching people and helping them, offering Bible studies and inviting them
to church.

Having worked with young people throughout most of my
ministry, I am convinced, more than ever, that we have to give them the tools,
training and support, then let them loose, trusting that they’ll use their
talents and creativity for Jesus in amazing ways.

By Robert Costa, Evangelism Coordinator for the General Conference

of Seventh-day Adventists.

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