Youth Pray Through the Night

September 12, 2013


Recently 500 young people from all over the Mizo Conference
in India came together for Ten Days of Prayer, August 1-10, 2013.  They alternately met together and prayed throughout
the day and into the night.  

During the last three days, many young people gave their testimonies. With tears in their
eyes, they shared from their hearts what changes they had experiences, and what
God had done in their lives. For three nights, the majority of them stayed up all
night, singing, praying, and giving testimonies. The Lord sustained them from
getting tired as they attended the meeting the next day.

Many young people gave their hearts to Jesus. Some decided they wanted to work for
the Lord in unentered areas of the world. One young man who had been invited to
go to the local church school, chose not to go. But after this experience he decided
to go wherever the Lord led him.

One evening when the meeting was about to close, the speaker asked if anyone wanted
to offer a special prayer. Participants came forward and lined up one by one to
pray, and continued praying until 11:00 at night! This event was so well
received, that youth leaders plan to organize other prayer conferences similar
to this in other parts of the conference.   

Lalchansanga Colney

Aizawl, Mizoram, India

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