Revival Wave Beginning in Fiji

September 12, 2013


“Words cannot describe the revival that took place in Fiji, June 14-28, 2013! The
mission president invited me to go to 18 locations throughout the country to
preach on revival and reformation. Everyone from the leadership to the lay
people embraced the message on prayer and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

“Every night the pastors took me to a different district where two or more churches came
together to hear the message. After the presentation, we broke up into small
groups to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit
to be seen in our lives. People apologized and reconciled with each other over past
grievances. They forgave each other, and cried tears of joy. (This was the same
response in all 18 districts throughout Fiji!)

“This revival was to prepare for the evangelistic meetings that were conducted by Justin
Lawman, the Northern New South Wales Conference president. At the end of the
meetings, 500 people were baptized.

“They have now moved to the next phase of their revival by launching a number of small
groups using 10 Days by Dennis Smith as
their study guide. The small groups will meet once a week for 10 weeks, to pray
for revival and reformation in their own lives. They will also be praying for five
additional people whom they can each invite to their small groups, and with
whom they can share God’s Word.

“I believe the revival happening in Fiji will cause a wave of true revival to move to the rest of the Pacific Islands. This
revival beginning in Fiji and many places in the world will continue to grow in
preparation for the great harvest and the soon return of our Lord Jesus.”

Colin Hone, lay evangelist

Wamberal, NSW, Australia

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