Beauty Out of Bitterness

November 18, 2014


Many revival stories begin with one or more setbacks. This story is no different. A church had requested that the conference give them a specific pastor, but the conference did not grant their request, and many members became bitter. So church leaders invited Dr. S. Joseph Kidder, author of The Big Four, and teacher of spiritual growth, church growth, evangelism, and leadership at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, for a weekend presentation, and the Holy Spirit did a marvelous work through him. The church was facing the possibility of closing their school when it dropped down to 15 students after graduation. After Kidder's weekend presentation, members felt impressed to conduct a 24-hour fast with intense prayer, asking God to send more students.  This was the first time this church had been willing to fast. They prayed that God would send them more students--30 specifically. God sent them 31! It was so obvious to everyone that God had indeed performed a miracle on their behalf. After that experience, the church witnessed a significant turnaround among its members.
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