New Chinese Work Opens in Thailand

November 18, 2014


Chinese students Cheng Yin and Liu Meng wanted to serve as missionaries. After high school graduation, they decided to go to the 1000 Missionary Movement in the Philippines to better learn how to share their faith.  After three months, they were sent to Thailand, where they settled in the northern town of Mae Salong, in the Chiangrai Province. There, they were to open up new work among the Chinese people.  The Thailand Mission rented a place that would serve as a center of influence and introduced them to the community leaders. Every day from 4 am until 6 am, the two ladies spent time in prayer. Then they began their day of walking door to door, visiting people in the community, and meeting their needs.
They started a class at their center where they would invite children to come to study Chinese through the Bible and learn Christian songs. The first year they led 20 people to Christ. The second year they continued praying, visiting in the community, meeting needs, and inviting people to their classes. Twenty-two more people were baptized when Chinese Evangelist Terry Tsui came to conduct meetings in the area. God blessed their efforts and rewarded their faith with souls for the Kingdom. Currently, 70 students are coming to the center for Chinese studies through the Bible. 
The center soon became so crowded that the Thailand Mission leaders decided to rent another place for the missionaries to use. They rented a dormitory, where 12 students could live with the two Chinese missionaries and learn how to witness to their parents, friends, and relatives.
Before long, the Thailand Mission leaders requested the Beijing Church to send three more Chinese missionaries to work with the two Chinese missionaries. One joined the two missionaries working in Maesalong, and two more were sent to work in the new Chinese community in Chiangmai. They also spend much time in prayer, visiting the whole community, giving Bible studies, and inviting people to study Chinese through the Bible. Those missionaries have brought 24 more people to the church and established a second congregation that meets in a new rented facility. They are looking for a building to purchase for the Chinese Church. 
By God’s grace, and the power of prayer, the Chinese work continues to grow in Thailand.  Cheng Yin is now studying at the Asia Pacific International University, in Muak Lek Saraburi, and Liu Meng returned to China because her family had health problems.  She hopes to return to Thailand after she finishes her studies. Together, Yin and Meng plan to go back to Thailand and reach the wealthy Chinese business owners for Christ.
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