United Prayer, United Blessings

November 18, 2014


Doris Johnson of the Ephesus Adventist Church in Richmond, Virgina, started a ministry to assist the men and women of the church who had lost a spouse. She wanted to engage them in activities to assist in healing after their loss. She called the group the Widowed Person’s Ministry, and one of the objectives of the group was to participate in the 2014 Ten Days of Prayer. The group set up a call line, and every day at 6:00 a.m., approximately 35 people called in. Participants had a burning desire to get closer to God by way of the prayer line.  As they lifted God up through songs, praises, confessions, intercessory prayers, and prayers of thanksgiving, their hearts were united.  Prayers went up for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and, as a result, the Holy Spirit certainly showed up!  Believers praised God for peace of mind, goodness, mercy, waking up to see another day, healing, church family, having the ability to retire and still be mobile, and they expressed gratitude for so many other blessings. 
“This opportunity was reassuring to say the least,” says Edie Allen. “The Holy Spirit still moves.  Like God’s love, prayers are still the most powerful thing on Earth and are still being answered.  God still pours out blessings upon His people.”
Alice Fuell, assistant leader of the ministry, stated, “I was blessed beyond words each morning because of the testimonies and answered prayers.  God is awesome and He is worthy to be praised.” The prayer line was such a huge success and so truly blessed by God that it is still ongoing today.  Fuell says, "Participate in this amazing experience and rest assured that God will continue to honor the praises of His people."
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