Revival and Reformation: Important dates


  • Daily at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m - Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!
  • March 11 - July 11, 2015 - For 100 days, church members are encouraged to pray each day for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to be fully experienced by participants during the General Conference Session, July 2-11, 2015 in San Antonio, TX. Visit
  • June 1 - July 31, 2015 - R&R Harvest Celebration
  • July 4, 2015 - Sabbath of prayer and fasting
  • July 12, 2015 - Believe His Prophets Launches
  • January 6-16, 2016 - Ten Days of Prayer

The first Sabbath of each quarter is designated as a day of prayer and fasting for the world church. Members should focus their prayers on specific themes during the designated Prayer and Fasting Days, while also remembering to pray for other local and individual needs. Fasting can consist of eating sparingly of the simplest foods, drinking fruit juices, or abstaining from some or all forms of media (TV, radio, internet, phones, etc.). There is no merit in a prolonged fast versus a short fast, or a complete fast versus a partial fast. It’s a personal decision. Fasting helps expose those things that control us, and allows us to spend more time with God. For more ideas, see links below.

Theme for Prayer and Fasting: General Conference Session

  1. A spirit of genuine humility and quiet, Christ-like demeanor in our presentations and discussions with love and respect for those who may differ with our views.
  2. An overall dynamic appreciation and spiritual enthusiasm for the mission of the church that will supersede any other topics of discussion.
  3. A realization that we are at the end of time and God’s prophetic message is to ring forth to the world without hesitation.
  4. An understanding that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is a prophetic movement with a prophetic message entrusted by heaven with a prophetic mission.
  5. An appreciation for the theme, “Arise! Shine! Jesus is coming!” as the theme not only for the church at large but for each of us as believers as we proclaim the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14.
  6. A spirit of unity in Christ that will transcend any differences of opinion and that will nurture all attendees to humbly accept any outcomes that may not be in accordance with personal convictions.
  7. The falling of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit on the 2015 General Conference Session ushering in the final loud cry pointing to Christ, His righteousness, His moral laws, His grace and His soon second coming.

Prayer & Fasting Help