What is the "11th day" of Ten Days of Prayer? There are 10 days of prayer with daily gatherings, but the eleventh day is meant to be an additional morning of praise and thanksgiving for what God has done and will do! One idea is to have individuals share very briefly testimonies of what the Lord has done in their lives over the past 10 days. He may give you other ideas of how to rejoice in His goodness! Please share some of the good testimonies with us here at the website. God bless you!

What is Ten Days of Prayer all about?

Themesheets for Operation Global Rain

daily theme sheets (in PDF format for easy printing and sharing!)

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Welcome to an incredible spiritual journey! Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such death defying faith? What gave them the courage to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth in spite of such overwhelming odds? Why were they so different after Pentecost? In this book, you will revisit the Upper Room and specifically study the preparation necessary to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 10 Days in the Upper Room is divided into three distinct sections: Examining Inspiration, Reflecting on Inspiration, and Applying Inspiration. You will examine the disciples heartfelt preparation, reflect on the writings of the Bible and Ellen White, interact with inspiration as you complete the workbook sections, and you will discover ways to apply these principles in your life. Elder Finley’s prayer is, “May God empower you to be a mighty witness for Him at this decisive moment of earth’s history.”

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Why Pray for Rain? Why United Prayer? What Is United Prayer? This little gem will help you and your church realize the blessings that united prayer will bring.

Available in English and Portuguese.


Ten Days of Prayer Promotional Pack

Promote Ten Days of Prayer at your church, school, or community with this pack of printable graphics.

Pack contents:

  • Full-page graphics
  • Half-page graphics
  • Quarter-page graphics
  • JPEG Image that can be used on your own letters, flyers, websites.
  • Original, editable PSD files

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