​Day 40 - Praises for Sabbath (June 11)

Day 40 - Praises for Sabbath (June 11)

  • Praise God for what He has done in your life over these past 40 days of prayer. Be specific.
  • Praise God for what He’s going to do through the newly elected, and re-elected leaders of the world church as they face the upcoming years of leadership and the burden of its responsibilities.
  • Praise God for how He’s working, and going to work, in the lives of those 7 names you’ve been praying for during the 40 Days of Prayer.
  • Praise God that He’s going to give you the faith to stand thru the end-times and that soon, He will be coming in the clouds to take us home.
  • Praise God that He has even greater things in store for you, and this is only the beginning of His amazing journey for your life!

Dear Friends,

The 40 Days of Prayer may be ending today, but your journey with Jesus is only going to get better as you keep seeking Him. As you have been part of this 40 Days of Prayer journey, it is our prayer that you have truly witnessed the power of God in your life. That you have experienced the Holy Spirit bringing you into a true revival and an ongoing reformation experience such as you’ve never experienced before. And this shouldn’t stop at the end of the 40 Days of Prayer but should continue until Jesus comes.

We encourage you to continue to join other believers from around the world praying together 24 hours a day on Zoom: https://247unitedprayer.org. The prayer times will keep going for all who want to take part. And don’t stop praying for those 7 names (and many more names God might bring to your heart) until you see the answers come.

Remember, “Total Member Involvement” means everyone is to do something for the Lord! Let’s not forget our 2022 General Conference Session theme: “Jesus Is Coming! Get Involved!”

We are excited to hear about your testimonies of what God has done in these 40 Days of Prayer in your life, family, and in your church!

God bless you!

The Revival and Reformation Team

Continue with 24/7 United in Prayer!

Join other believers from around the world praying together on Zoom beyond the 40 Days of Prayer: https://247unitedprayer.org

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