Welcome to 40 Days of Prayer

Time to get ready for an amazing journey!

We all have gone through a very challenging and unusual time in these last two years. The world has changed, society has changed, yet our mission remains the same – proclaiming the message of Jesus to a dying world in need of His saving righteousness.

As we approach the General Conference Session (June 5-11, 2022) we, as a world church, want to refocus on revival for mission. Ahead of us lies a wave of challenges and defining moments, as we face the reopening of the post-pandemic world, major technological breakthroughs, armed conflict, and political, and natural crises.

We must be firm in mission, and refocused on the work at hand. It is therefore vital, that we lay aside personal agendas and plans, and truly seek the converting and reviving presence of the Holy Spirit. Asking Him to do in and through us a work, which only He can accomplish, pleading for a deeper consecration, and a heart in tune with His will – both for our personal lives and families, and for our ministries.

During the 40 Days of Prayer we will be united in praying through the following themes:

  • Week 1: Revival and Reformation
  • Week 2: The Word
  • Week 3: Christ’s Our Righteousness
  • Week 4: The Holy Spirit
  • Week 5: Three Angels’ Messages
  • Week 6: Our Mission

The daily and weekly materials will be provided by:

  • Ted Wilson
  • Mark Finley
  • Ron Clouzet
  • Jerry Page
  • Frank Fournier
  • Dan Serns
  • Sebastien Braxton
  • Don MacLafferty
  • Israel Ramos
  • Jonathan Walter
  • Andy Im
  • Sikhu Daco

As we prepare to start the 40 Days of Prayer together (May 3 – June 11), pray that God would prepare your heart, and that He will take you beyond where you are currently to an even more living and vibrant experience with Jesus.

Here is what to expect:

  • Each Monday, if you are signed up, you will receive an inspirational devotional in your inbox or posted here. The first, written by Pastor Don MacLafferty, is shared at this link. (If you aren't signed up, you can do that here.)
  • On Tuesday – Thursday, you will receive a daily “Heart Challenge” and suggested prayer requests for that day. These prayer requests are only to get you started praying. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.
  • On Friday you will receive an inspiring prayer testimony, along with prayer requests for the weekend.

It’s that simple. You can take this journey on your own, with your church, or with a friend. Prayer partners are great to have, so pray about who to invite with you on this journey.

Four ways to take this 40 Days of Prayer experience even deeper:

1. Dig deeper: Pray over, study, or listen to the Revival and Reformation resources that we will share each week. They are strategically chosen to help you take the current week’s theme much deeper.

2. Choose 7 names: Pray and ask God who you should pray for during 40 Days of Prayer. After praying, choose 7 (or more) names of individuals you feel God asking you to specifically focus on. Make a list on your phone, or on a piece of paper, and keep it visible and accessible. Maybe make a few reminders on your phone, or your calendar to pray specifically for these 7 names during the day. Claim 1 John 5:14-16 as you pray for them each day and watch what God will do in answer to your fervent prayers.

3. Pray with others anytime, 24-hours a day: Join the online 24/7 United Prayer room for at least 30 minutes a day with other believers during this 40 Days of Prayer: https://247unitedprayer.org

4. Fast to feast: Pray about the possibility of setting aside some things during the 40 days so that you can more clearly hear God’s call and respond to His voice. We’re not advising you to fast from food, but perhaps you might be impressed to turn off the Television, get off social media, step away from secular entertainment, rich desserts, or some other activity that you feel God convicting you to surrender during this time. Remember, we don’t earn God’s favor by abstinence in any form, but as one has said, “We fast from the world so we can feast on Jesus.”

Is feasting on Jesus your true heart’s desire? If so, God has something special in store for you during this coming 40 Days of Prayer. So start asking God what He’s wanting from you during the 40 Days of Prayer.

Prayers for your journey,

The Revival and Reformation Team

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