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An Encounter with God in Prayer

In this inspiring document, Juanita shows what encountering God through prayer and the promises of Scripture looks like. Some of the topics she covers include: You can trust God’s promises, You can trust God for protection, You can trust God in Worship, You can trust God—You are forgiven, and much more. This is a practical tool for all those wanting to learn how to claim God’s Word in prayer.



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United Prayer Works 4: Peter and John Threatened

In this fourth video of the United Prayer video series, we catch a glimpse of what happened when Peter and John spoke with boldness after Pentecost. Their work was not appreciated by the Pharisees and Sadducees. But God was with them.



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Seventh-day Adventists in 60

Not many people will take the time to watch a 40 minute video about the Sabbath on their phone. However, in this article, we learn how, through 60-second videos, a rural pastor is sharing Adventist beliefs with the world. Maybe this will inspire you with ideas of how you can do something special to witness for God.

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