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United Prayer Works: Esther's Story

This is the second video in the "United Prayer Works" series which highlights the story of Queen Esther, and the power of believers uniting in prayer. "Talk less; much precious time is lost in talk that brings no light," Ellen White writes. "Let brethren unite in fasting and prayer for the wisdom that God has promised to supply liberally." (Gospel Workers, p. 417)


Daily Discipleship

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The Walk: Forgiving Others

In this short but heart touching testimony, from the daily devotional series "The Walk," Jill Morikone shares practical keys of how God helped her exchange bitterness for forgiveness. Jill's testimony is sure to be a blessing to all that watch!


Healthy Lifestyle

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Living Free: Building a Better Brain, Body, and Habits – for Good!

In this practical and inspiring six-part audio series, Vicki Griffin shares how we can build a better brain, body, and daily habits for God's glory. She talks about why the call to Biblical living is urgent and also tackles practical day to day living, why our mindset matters, and how our lifestyle affects our theology and witness. We pray you are blessed by this series as we seek to do all for the glory of God.


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