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Longing for God: The Paradox of Prayer

We have all heard about the importance of prayer for our spiritual life, how it is the breath of the soul that keeps us alive spiritually. And yet why is it that often we do not take time to pray? Could it be that we have lost sight of God in our prayers and that they have turned more inward then outward? Perhaps we need to rediscover prayer that is pleasing to God. In this enlightening article, Dr. Frank Hasel gives us a fresh glimpse of a prayer, in the light of God's love.

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Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit, Health, and the Sanctuary

In this audio message, Mark Finley talks about the connection between the Holy Spirit, health, and the Sanctuary. As Pastor Finley challenges his listeners, "We've been given much so that we can give much. Let's not lock up the gifts to ourselves." This message was recorded at Pathways to Health in San Antonio Texas. We pray it is a blessing!


Bible Study

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How to Study the Bible - Six Part Series

If you are longing for a deeper experience in God's Word, this "How to study the Bible" series is for you. In this six part series, Eugene Prewitt walks us through the process of Bible study, as he shares solid principles and Bible hermeneutics that will last a lifetime.


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