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Freely ye have received, freely give. Matthew 10:8.

Unexpected talent will be developed in those in the common walks of life. If men and women can only have the message of truth brought to them, many who hear will receive it. Those of every rank of life, high and low, rich and poor, will accept the truth for this time. Some who are regarded as uneducated will be called to the service of the Master, even as the humble, unlearned fishermen were called by the Saviour. Men will be called from the plow, as was Elisha, and will be moved to take up the work that God has appointed them. They will begin to labor in simplicity and quietness, reading and explaining the Scriptures to others. Their simple efforts will be successful.

House-to-house work will be done by men and women who will realize that they can labor for the Lord because He has put His Spirit upon them. As they go forth in humble faith, Christ will impart to them grace that they will impart to others. The Lord will give them the same love for perishing souls that He gave to the disciples of old.

In the future, human beings through whom angels can work will accept the truth. In the past, heavenly messengers have worked in cooperation with human agencies, giving them a force of language and power of influence that has furnished persuasive argument which has reached the citadel of the soul. The labors of apparently illiterate, unlearned men often have a wonderful influence for good....

None who catch the divine rays from the Sun of Righteousness will lack for fitting words. It will not be oratory, as the world counts oratory, but heavenly eloquence. They will speak words that will go direct to minds, awakening conviction, and causing their hearers to ask, What is truth? ...

Such workers we may encourage, saying, I am sure that you will exert an influence for good in this grand and holy work, if you will take heed to yourselves, realizing that you are subjects of saving grace, brought into sacred family relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, and commissioned to work for the saving of souls.—Letter 123, April 16, 1905, to Elder S. H. Lane, president of the New York Conference.

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