Living Free: Building a Better Brain, Body, and Habits – for Good!

In this practical and inspiring six-part audio series, Vicki Griffin shares how we can build a better brain, body, and daily habits for God's glory. She talks about why the call to Biblical living is urgent and also tackles practical day to day living, why our mindset matters, and how our lifestyle affects our theology and witness. We pray you are blessed by this series as we seek to do all for the glory of God.


Message 1. Just how urgent is the message of Biblical living, and how can we gain power in our lives and traction in the areas that bog us down? A look at the big picture, the big plan, and the even bigger promises.

Message 2: God wants us to have abiding peace in the physical, mental, and spiritual realm. How can we secure it and maintain it in the midst of trouble, turmoil, and temptation? Learn how to adopt and incorporate God’s principles of peace into your life—for good!

Message 3: Mindset has more to do with achieving and maintaining long-term success in personal goals and staying committed to important priorities. Learn the difference between the “fixed” versus “learning” mindset, and how you can develop the mental mettle to gain strength and strategies for success in the face of your greatest challenges.

Message 4: This seminar on practical living will help you add pizzazz to your programming, fun to your outreach, and engage your team, church, and community, using methods that add value, vision, and motivation to learning new habits.

Message 5: This seminar takes a biblical look at lessons in leadership, including the cost of leadership, the five laws of leadership, snapshots of leadership, and the results of leadership. Your church may be trained in many areas, but it takes insightful leadership to get things going.

Message 6: When people know that we are sound in our health teachings they will trust that we are sound in other Biblical doctrines. In this session, we will explore the basic principles of sound health and the theology of suffering. Learn the difference between health education and health communication, and why both are essential. Learn how to educate, motivate, and inspire your team and participants.

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