Praying the Word: Prayer & Promise Cards

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Have you ever wondered how to get started praying the Word? If so, these printable prayer cards, filled with Bible promises and quotes from Inspiration, are just for you. Topics covered include prayers and promises for your spiritual growth, for your children, your marriage, your ministry, for overcoming spiritual breaches, and much more. The promises included will add power to your prayer life. (Also available for download in Spanish. All cards can be edited and personalized!)

To watch Melody Mason share her testimony about using these prayer promise cards, click below!

Melody's Short Testimony: The Power of Praying the Word

Melody's Longer Testimony: From Wilderness Living to Daring to Ask for More

We hope you are blessed by these “Praying the Word: Prayer & Promise Cards.”

For best alignment, print up these cards on 8.5x11 sheets of paper. You will have to carefully print them double sided so that the prayer is on the front side and the promise or quote from Inspiration is on the back. You can also choose the color paper that you want to print them on, if you want color. Or if color is not available, just use white. For durability, we recommend printing on 60 lb card-stock paper as this is more heavy weight and lasts longer. But you can also print on lightweight paper and then laminate which would keep the cards safe from moisture and tearing.

To Download the Complete Master Collection of 100 Cards (10 pages front and back), click here!

To download individual topics, which include additional promises, click the links below!

Praying the Word – Complete Collection

Your Spiritual Growth – Complete Collection

Overcoming Spiritual Breaches – Complete Collection

Seeking the Holy Spirit Side A | Side B

Your Marriage – Complete Collection

Your Children – Complete Collection

Ministry GrowthSide A | Side B

Help in TroubleSide A | Side B

Comfort in SorrowSide A | Side B

Physical and Spiritual HealingSide A | Side B

Additional Cards for Singles:

Praying for your Spiritual ChildrenSide A | Side B

Praying for your Future MarriageSide A | Side B

Download Editable Files to Personalize (.doc format):

Praying the WordSide A | Side B

Your Spiritual GrowthSide A | Side B

Overcoming Spiritual BreachesSide A | Side B

Seeking the Holy Spirit Side A | Side B

Your MarriageSide A | Side B

Your ChildrenSide A | Side B

Ministry GrowthSide A | Side B

Additional Cards for Singles – File to Edit and Personalize (.doc format):

Praying for your Spiritual ChildrenSide A | Side B

Praying for your Future MarriageSide A | Side B


Make your own promise cards! – Side A | Side B

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