Prayer Rooms Multiplying - The War Room Story

Wondering how to start a ministry for God's glory? Use what you have! Watch this inspiring story of how one woman followed God's call to do something special for the young people around the world. This first prayer room she started, in the vault at the Ellen G. White Centre at Avondale College, has now led to a global prayer movement that is reaching multiple countries. Learn how you can be a part!


To read Carolyn's personal behind the scenes testimony and hear the miracles that are happening as a result of this prayer movement, read our United in Prayer testimony by clicking here!

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To get a start-up kit for your own Prayer-Room, click here!

(Even if you can't get a kit, you can start your own prayer room, in your church, in your home, in your closet, at a workplace. Remember, it's not so much about the decorations in the prayer room, but about the heart-attitude that you bring to the room. God meets us when we are broken and humble in heart--that's the best environment for answered prayers! And He's just waiting for you to pray! See Isa. 57:15)