10 Days of Prayer Testimonies

10 Days of Prayer Testimonies

By various participants in 10 Days of Prayer 2017

Thank you! Our congregation has been revived and we have witnessed great unity where there was once division. We have seen Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary and our prayer is to continue to abide in Him. Unity is the marked answer to prayer we’ve seen so far, and I will send other individual testimonies as they come. – Shadreck

God knows the value of prayer—alone and corporately. That is why He urges us to unite in prayer. During the last 10 Days of Prayer, we experienced a closeness in the Spirit that I know will set the tone for future working together. At the end of 10 Days of Prayer, on the final Sabbath, members shared testimonies of how God had moved to give victory over fear; how the Holy Spirit had brought life into a cold heart after claiming Deuteronomy 30:6; how God had protected family members and provided healing. It was a joyful ending to ten special days! – Cathy

I thank God for the opportunity to have participated in these solemn days of prayer. God answered my prayers for my daughter who has suffered itching eyes since infancy. I rejoice to report that she is now free and the redness in her eyes is gone. I believe her healing is from God. – Ezekiel

We experienced how God binds us, unites our hearts and minds, and how He disciplines us gently. Prior to the program, there was a misunderstanding between some of the church leadership. Prayer breaks each heart. What the Spirit emphasized in these 10 Days of Prayer was: “Love one another.” Now our church is hungering for more of Jesus and more of His ministry. The thought that God is reviving His church all around the world gives me goosebumps. I can hardly wait for Him to finally pour out the latter-rain and behold Him in glory. - Maricar

Thank you for the wonderful program. I was elected assistant Prayer Ministries leader in our little church. We started our program with a Sabbath of fasting and prayer, then 10 Days of Prayer began on Wednesday. We had a good membership attendance. In answer to our prayers, our local mission appointed a pastor for our congregation, after several years of not having one. Please pray for me and our little church! – Gwen

My husband and I led the 10 Days of Prayer program via conference call at 6 a.m. each morning. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide as we shared the studies, not necessarily word for word. He moved in such a mighty way, every single day! Not only did we, personally, see a new side of the Sanctuary, but we were able to help someone in another state, whom we had never met, understand the Sanctuary in a powerful way. Praise God! We felt truly empowered by the Spirit during these ten days and are hoping to continue to use the outlines in more studies throughout the year. – Liz

I personally feel closer to God than ever before. We have joy, peace and love at home and at church. God is truly blessing the work of our hands. Our business is doing well, too. I have learned to pray for others in my closet, and God is working mysteriously behind the scenes. Everything has been laid at the almighty hand of our Lord and without a doubt, answers to our prayer will be seen publicly. This, I strongly believe, as I look unto Jesus who has never failed a case. Trust in the Lord. All things are possible with Him. – Polite

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World Church Prayer Requests

December 16 - 23, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue to pray for the first quarter Day of Prayer and Fasting on January 5, 2019. The emphasis for this quarter is: “World Changing Prayer Warriors.” To learn more, visit: www.revivalandreformation.org

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Ten Days of Prayer, January 9-19, 2019. Many lives have been changed because of this special initiative. Please pray earnestly that more churches all over the world will choose to be part of this powerful Ten Days of Prayer focusing on cultivating a deeper experience with the Lord. To learn more, visit: www.tendaysofprayer.org

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray, especially over the holidays, for those who have lost loved ones, homes, or have experienced other tragedies this past year. Pray that they will feel the love of God holding them close, and that fellow friends and church members will seek to reach out in practical and helpful ways.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for protection and health for our families during the holiday season. Immune systems can become compromised by colder weather and sweet treats. Pray that the Lord will put a special hedge around His people as they seek to honor Him this holiday season.

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