A Spilled Diet Coke along with a Divine Appointment

A Spilled Diet Coke along with a Divine Appointment

By Melody Mason

After a very full weekend at a conference, where I had met lots of amazing people and had lots of engaging conversations, my little introverted self was feeling tired and a bit “peopled out.” So on my flight home I wasn’t really trying to talk to my seat mates or anyone in particular. Instead, I opted to read a good book. I felt a little guilty not trying to reach out to those next to me, but it was obvious my companions (two woman) were traveling together, and deep in conversation, so I didn’t think too much about it.

However about 45 minutes from the end of our 2hr+ flight, I noticed a familiar face coming down the airplane aisle. It was a friend of mine on his way home. He was surprised to see me as I was him. He immediately stopped to share about some amazing divine appointments God had given for him on the trip home and even on our current flight. I was so encouraged and inspired and maybe even a bit rebuked. When he moved on to return to his seat, I thought to myself, “Forgive me Lord, I didn’t even think to pray and ask for a divine appointment today, nor did I try to talk to my companions. I’m just so tired!”

I looked at my seatmates again. “Should I try to interrupt their conversation?” I wondered. They were busy chatting. “Lord,” I prayed “if you want me to talk or be a witness to my seat mates you are going to have to interrupt their conversation, because right now I don’t think they are too interested in talking to me.”

Well, God didn’t take long to answer that prayer.

I got up to use the airplane restroom, and when I returned to my seat, they were both in a fluster for the one sitting next to me had just spilled her Diet Coke all over her seat and floor. I immediately started helping her clean up the mess and she was apologizing profusely and telling me I didn’t need to help. “Don’t worry!” I told her. “I don’t mind helping! I’m a nurse. I’m used to cleaning up messes, and I’ve cleaned up a lot worse messes than this before.” We got the sticky mess all cleaned up, and she was so grateful.

As we got situated in our seats again, the women sitting next to me, who had spilled the diet coke, started asking what kind of nurse I am. I told her what I use to do but told her I now work in full-time ministry for the church. She said she was a believer too, but didn’t ask too many questions, but we chatted on about various things. I began to feel that perhaps the “spilled diet coke” was God’s plan to get us talking, and so not wanting to miss a divine appointment, I said, “I know this is probably not a usual question people ask, but I work in prayer ministry. Is there anything I can pray about for you?” Well… that opened the floodgates! One issue was her daughter felt like she prayed and prayed and her prayers always hit a ceiling. That is one of my favorite topics. Long story short, after she shared some of her burdens, I prayed for her and ended up giving her a copy of my book as well as my contact. She told me as we were landing. “I think God had me spill my diet coke, so we’d start talking!” I just laughed.

Funny thing is, I almost never take an aisle seat. I was planning to go further back in the plane so I could find a window seat. But when I came to that aisle seat as I was boarding, something stopped me and I found myself asking the two women, “Can I sit here?” Even after I sat down, I was asking myself. “Why did I take this aisle seat? I wanted a window! Maybe I should get up and move. No! I’m already here. I can sit here for 2 hrs.” So I pulled out my book and started reading, completely oblivious to the two souls sitting next to me.

I can just imagine one of those heavenly angels brushing that Diet Coke cup ever so slightly with a twinkle in his eyes, as our flight was nearing its ending! “Now THERE!! This will get you two ladies talking, since Melody neglected to make the first move.”

God has a unique way of bringing His will to pass and answering our prayers. I’m just sad that I’m so slow sometimes to reach out or ask. But I take courage in the fact that the Holy Spirit is great at helping us redeem lost chances.

Melody Mason is coordinator for United in Prayer, is the author of Daring to Ask for More and Daring to Live By Every Word, and continues to work with the General Conference Revival and Reformation initiatives.

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