A Testimony of God’s Care

A Testimony of God’s Care

By Anonymous

I’m a Seventh-day Adventist believer working as an expat in one of the countries in Southeast Asia. A year ago, my company took several measures to cut costs. One of these included finding a less expensive place for three of us expats to stay. It was very difficult to find a suitable one for a decent price.

I prayed hard and looked earnestly for any good leads. As time started running out on our condominium (condo) contract, I stumbled on an obscure ad on Facebook, and we were led to a small apartment in a quiet neighborhood. How we hated to leave our posh condo! Although we resented the downsize, we had no choice but to move—no small task.

A few days after we moved, the city was suddenly placed on lockdown to contain the COVID pandemic. We suddenly realized the awesome timing of our move. As the year progressed, we started to enjoy our new place. There were a few convenience stores, tea shops and cafés just around the corner and a farmer’s market a block away.

Fast forward to January 2021. COVID restrictions were easing and, for the first time, restaurants were opening for dine in. I felt so happy and hopeful the evening of January 31 as I ate at my favorite restaurant. The next morning we awoke to the announcement of a military coup, and suddenly the peaceful world we knew was filled with chaos as protesters flooded the streets, followed by crackdowns by police and military that became increasingly brutal. One district and one street stood out in the news every night for about two weeks as the most dangerous. Guess which street it was? It was the street where we used to live, the one from which we had sadly moved the year before. Every night, army divisions set up camp and during the day, police set up guard in front of the very condo where we used to stay.

As I shared this knowledge with a prayer partner, she exclaimed that a family of friends had also lived in the same area, and for some reason had to move out just a month before. As I let that truth sink in, I started praising God for His providence, mercy and protection for His children.

I had been fretting about my near future and the uncertainty of my situation, but as I looked at the unmistakable evidence of God foreseeing my future a whole year in advance and preparing a safe place for us, I was greatly encouraged and my trust in Him strengthened. Friends, we serve a wise and wonderful God, who knows what He’s doing!

Due to the sensitivity of this situation, author’s name and exact location are being withheld from this testimony.

World Church Prayer Requests

October 29 – November 4, 2021

  • Pray for that we keep steady focus on Jesus in the midst of the increasing chaos taking place around the world. He is our peace in the midst of the storms.
  • Pray for enabling power to be the shining witnesses He’s called us to be!
  • Pray for the Diwali Festival of Light prayer event hosted by the General Conference Global Mission Center that runs this week, November 2-6. Pray that many join us in praying for our Hindu and Sikh neighbors. (Learn more click here!)
  • Pray for physical healing and provision, especially for those still suffering from health or financial challenges due to the Covid pandemic.

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