Canvassing Testimonies in Answer to Prayer – Part 1

Canvassing Testimonies in Answer to Prayer – Part 1

By Alix de la Paz

When we go out to share books, we always pray for God’s leading. Here are a few short testimonies where we saw God work in answer to prayer!

While canvassing one day, I knocked on a door and briefly shared what I was doing with the homeowner, who didn’t really want to open the door. Although she didn’t seem interested, the Holy Spirit impressed me to continue talking with her. I showed her a book on health, a devotional, and a kids’ book for a donation worth $30. She saw it through the door and I could tell she was holding back tears. Her voice cracked as she told me she needed all three books and put $20 dollars under the door. She asked her son if he had some change and she was able to donate $8 more dollars. She said, "I know these books are valuable and I need them. Here, this is everything that I can give for the books." She was crying as she passed the rest of the money under the door. I left her the books she had purchased and prayed with her. I never got to see her face, but I trust the One who started a good work in me and who promises to complete it until He returns. Through these books, I believe He will do the same for this woman.


I struck up a conversation with a woman named Evette who told me that she loves to read about history and religion. I showed her The Great Controversy and explained what I was doing in the neighborhood. She had two health books and The Great Controversy in her hands as she confessed that she didn’t have money. I asked her, "If money wasn't an issue, which book interested you the most?” Without thinking, she answered, "The Great Controversy!” I had taken the books back when she told me she could not buy anything. As I turned to walk away, the Lord asked me, “What are you doing? Why don't you give her this book? Go back, give her the book, and offer Bible studies." I knocked on her door again and gave the book to her saying, "I’m so sorry, I'm not doing this only for the money. I'm actually doing this because I know these books change lives. I know that later today someone else will donate enough to cover this book." I offered Bible studies and she happily expressed that she was interested and that it was something that she really wanted to do.


Another day, I was canvassing businesses when I met Daniel eating lunch at a fast food restaurant. We connected on that fact that we are both Christians. He attends the local Christian college and loved that we had Christian books to share in the community. After asking what denomination we were and hearing we are Adventist, he asked me what our beliefs were. I told him about how we attend church on Saturdays and he said, “Oh! Because Saturday is the Sabbath!” I was surprised at his answer, but he continued, “I feel like most Christians know Saturday is the Sabbath, but because of the culture, or for whatever reason, we go to church on Sunday.” He asked me more questions about my faith and was really excited to hear more. He ended up buying two books, Christ’s Object Lessons and The Answer Book, which explains some of our foundational beliefs from the Bible. He also signed up for Bible studies! Although a Christian, Daniel admitted that he has been busy with school and doesn’t read his Bible everyday. After our second Bible study, he committed to reading his Bible everyday! Daniel did not talk to many people on his college campus and was seeking for a spiritual friend group. Now he hangs out with me and my classmates. We have made a new friend!

Alix de la Paz was a former staff at Souls West and is currently a virtual Life Coach, planting a church, and running a dental clinic with her husband, Jed, in the beautiful state of Washington. Their dream is to open a wellness center and connect it with the church plant.

World Church Prayer Requests

August 13 - 19, 2021

  • Pray for our young people as they begin a new school year. Pray for protection from disease and for the ability to grow closer to Jesus in these tumultuous times.
  • Pray for those who are in prison for the sake of Christ, or who have been incarcerated and have come to Christ while in prison. Pray that we could find additional ways to minister to those behind bars.
  • Pray for Adventist believers in Cuba, and for supporting ministries like the World Youth Group, who are continuing to find ways to minister to those who are suffering.
  • Pray for the people of Eritrea. The current population of the Kunama in Eritrea is 127,000. Twenty-five percent of these agriculturalists and cattle herders are Christians. Many of the villages are remote and far away from other people; access to water can be a struggle. Pray that they come to learn of the Source of living water.

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