Canvassing Testimonies in Answer to Prayer – Part 2

Canvassing Testimonies in Answer to Prayer – Part 2

By Alix de la Paz

When we go out sharing books, we always pray for God’s leading. Here are a few short testimonies where canvassing friends and I saw God work in answer to prayer!

I met Jasmine at her door and she bought a cook book. When I showed her the free services we offer, including Bible studies, she teared up. She told me she was emotional because she had experienced God in the past, but isn’t living the life she knows she should be living. She told me it wasn’t an accident that I was at her door after the crazy week she had just had. She signed up for Bible studies and I studied with her the following day. After going through a lesson on God’s character of love, Jasmine still had many questions about why God allows certain things to happen. She committed to study with me each week, desiring to get to know God on a deeper level.

Carl met Alexis, a bubbly young girl. She loved The Answer Book, so he showed her the free community services our group offers. Before he could finish listing them all, she cut him off and asked, “What’s Bible studies about?” Alexis had been part of a Bible study group when she lived in Texas, but since her transition to Las Vegas, the group had slowly fallen apart. Despite that, she’s still hungry to learn about the Bible. She told Carl she’s especially excited to study with other young people.

Philip walked into a Domino’s pizza restaurant while canvassing businesses. He asked to talk to the manager, but was warned she would be very grouchy and uninterested. Philip decided to talk to her anyways. The manager, Katya, actually wasn’t grouchy at all; she was very professional. She purchased a Promise of Peace and excitedly signed up for health coaching. Philip went and stood outside the business to finish writing her information, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. One of the employees, who had just come in for his shift, had seen Katya’s book and immediately came running out to get one for himself. As a Christian who loves to read, he couldn’t resist. Philip left him with a Great Controversy, thanks to the testimony of Katya’s book.

Jemima could not get the man at the door to look at her books, so she decided to just talk and connect with him. Part way through the conversation, he asked, “Are you a Christian? I can tell you’re a Christian by your love.” This opened the door for Jemima to share more about her personal testimony and what exactly our group is doing going door to door. Hearing this, he wanted to donate to the cause. Jemima decided to share The Answer Book and The Great Controversy with him because he is a Christian who writes books about what he studies in the Bible. He said The Answer Book is “perfect for his next book” and loved that The Great Controversy would help him understand what’s happening in our world today. The man saw the love of Jesus in Jemima and understood why she was really at his door—to share a deeper knowledge of the things of God.

Alix de la Paz was former staff at Souls West and is currently a virtual Life Coach, planting a church, and running a dental clinic with her husband, Jed, in the beautiful state of Washington. Their dream is to open a wellness center and connect it with the church plant.

World Church Prayer Requests

August 20 - 26, 2021

  • Pray for those across North America affected by loss in the summer fires.
  • Pray for spiritual unity among believers in our worldwide church. With the growing political unrest globally and the widening chasm of dissenting opinions, we desperately need heavenly wisdom and spiritual discernment.
  • Pray for believers in Haiti who have just experienced yet another crisis with the large earthquake that struck the region. Pray for provision and protection.
  • Pray for believers in Afghanistan and especially in Kabul. Pray for God to work even in the midst of this chaos and shelter His people.
  • Pray for the Ansaris people. With a population of 10,555,000, they are found largely in India and Pakistan. This group of traditional weavers and textile sellers do not yet have a Christian presence among them. Join us in praying for them as they strive to learn new job skills as well as provide good education for their children.

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