God sent an Angel and his Brother!

God Sent an Angel and His Brother

By Taniesha Robertson-Brown

There I was, standing outside my apartment building, facing the stark reality of a massive project in front of me. I looked to the skies and prayed that it wouldn’t rain.

I had just received a shipment of heavy boxes, but the delivery man informed me that it was not his responsibility to take the items to my unit. The delivery weighed one thousand seven hundred (1,700) pounds.

My husband was at work; even when he got home, he wouldn’t be able to solely transport the heavy items up three flights of stairs. To add to the situation, I was in no shape to help with the lifting.

"What do I do?" I thought to myself. I bowed my head and prayed, asking God to provide someone I could pay to carry the items to my apartment. I also solicited my prayer partner, Laurel, to intercede on my behalf.

I walked back downstairs and looked around the parking lot. I noticed a parked vehicle nearby, with someone inside. I prayed and approached with caution. Mustering up my courage, I pitched my business venture to the young man in the car. He told me that he was working with his brother who was making deliveries in the neighborhood. His brother soon came out of another building. They discussed the situation and gave me a price. We agreed to proceed. Off they went, trip after trip, up and down the stairs until every item was inside. They were so tired! I quickly paid them, far more than they had asked, because I was so grateful for the help. I realized then that I didn't even know their names.

I introduced myself to the delivery-man and extended my hand for a handshake. "I’m Angel," he said. His brother said his name, too. I was shocked. "Can you imagine that?" I thought to myself. God certainly has a sense of humor. I needed urgent help and God answered right away by sending an "Angel" and his brother.

By the way, it rained heavily the next day. Had the delivery arrived a day later, the boxes would’ve been drenched and ruined. God is a mighty God who sees our situation and hears our prayers. He is powerful and more than capable of providing the help we need. No matter the task, ask God to help you. He just might send an angel to do it.

Taniesha Robertson-Brown is a member of Pine Forge Seventh-day Adventist Church in Pennsylvania.

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World Church Prayer Requests

for Oct. 8-15, 2017

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue to pray for church members, especially on the islands, that are struggling to recover from the Hurricane damage. People are dying for lack of supplies, and from heat exhaustion. Pray that God provides a way for more supplies, and especially water, to get to the islands.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for those affected by the tragic shooting in Las Vegas Nevada. Just a few hours before the shooting occurred, GLOW tracks were passed out along the strip in Las Vegas about how to find meaning even in suffering. God alone knew thousands would need this comfort. Pray that many hearts will turn to God as a result of this tragedy.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please keep praying for the plans and agenda items that will be discussed at the Annual Council Meetings that continue into this coming week. Please pray for special Holy Spirit wisdom for all our church leaders, that God will help them make good decisions as we face so many uncertainties in these changing times.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for a sweet spirit of Christ-like love and patience during the Annual Council Meetings, that the mission of the church can move forward with Holy Spirit power and Jesus can return.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray especially for the General Conference (GC) executive committee, made up of GC leaders, as well as pastors, layman and church leaders from North America, South America, Inter-America, Europe, Asia, India, the South Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond. Pray that God’s Spirit be poured out on all who are part of these Annual Council meetings.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for fellow church members, that we will all embrace a spirit of prayer during these important times of earth’s history, that we will not be spiritually asleep, but will be “watching and working.”

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