I am Going to Church and this is My Choice!

“I Am Going to Church and This is My Choice!”

By an anonymous Waldensian Student

Our new semester recently started. We were required to attend a special series of lectures or we could not pass the semester. Unfortunately, I discovered that the lectures were all scheduled for Sabbath. The first week, I just went to church on Sabbath. Later in the day, I saw that several classmates had messaged me saying:

“Where are you?! You have to be here!”

I really prayed that God would help me solve my problem. I decided to visit the main professor responsible for that course. I needed courage because it was very hard, so I prayed and then went to see him. When I knocked on his door, he called me in and asked me what I needed. I explained my situation and that I could not participate in the lectures on Saturday. He became very serious and asked me sternly, “Why?” I explained it was a holy day for me. He then asked, “What kind of religion is that? Do you believe in only one God?” I responded, “Yes, I am a Seventh-day Adventist and I believe there is only one God.” Next he asked, “Why do you worship on Saturday?” I told him that it is because God made the seventh day holy.

As our conversation continued, he asked me many questions, including, “If you don’t worship on that day, what will happen?”

I told him that a relationship with God is the most important thing to me. He then told me that if I wanted to be a medical professional in this country and graduate from this program, I would have to go to the lectures on Saturday. Emphatically he told me, “You have to think about what is the priority in your life…this is about your future. Sometimes your priority can be changed.”

Finally, he said, “If you want to push for an alternate lecture day, you have to ask the visiting professor who is giving the lectures.” He then gave me the visiting professor’s phone number. I called the professor and explained everything to him and asked for an alternate lecture day. He said, “No, I cannot give them on another day.”

So I prayed and went back to the original professor. I told him I could meet on any other day except Saturday. He called some other offices. I prayed earnestly during his phone calls. Then he said, “I am really trying my best for you! Do you see that?” I thanked him and said I appreciated that he respected me.

Before I left his office that day, he said, “We are really thinking about you and your case a lot. We value you a lot in the department. I will see what can be done.” When I left his office, I cried.

I continued praying over the next few days. Finally he wrote me again saying, “Sorry, we cannot move the lecture from Saturday. You will have to attend on Saturday.”

That Sabbath I woke up and prepared for church same as usual. Then I saw a missed call on my phone from the professor, so I called him right back. He asked me, “Are you going to the lecture today?” “No, I am going to church…this is my choice,” I replied.

The professor became very angry. “Ok, just do it your own way!” he told me. Then he hung up!

I cried and prayed to God. I went to church and spent Sabbath there. Two days later, I had a message from the professor.

“Next Tuesday we have scheduled the lecture just for you. You should be there. We have made an alternative for you.”

My Waldensian Student teammate and I praised God together for God’s intervention in answer to prayer.

Since that breakthrough, I have had a positive relationship with this professor. God has also sent two of my indigenous friends to join our home group Bible study on Friday evenings. They told me they were attracted by my courage to keep the Sabbath. God is so good! I really have experienced His power in this situation.

Please pray for all of us who are Waldensian Students. We want to keep depending on God alone.

Editor’s note: This story is from a Waldensian Student who lives and studies in a big Middle Eastern city. For safety purposes, no names or specific countries are shared.

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