I finally Found What I was Looking for!

I Finally Found What I was Looking For!

By Trena Jenkins

God has completely transformed my life through the power of His Word and prayer. I grew up in a Catholic home, but as I got older I always had a deep longing to know God on a more personal level. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, but I began praying that God would help me find Him as I went from church to church checking out the many different denominations. None of the churches I visited had what I was looking for. I kept praying as there remained a deep longing in my heart, hungering for more.

One day I was watching what I thought was a science channel when Doug Batchelor came on and began teaching about the Sabbath. I had stumbled across Amazing Facts TV Intrigued by the scriptural truths that Pastor Batchelor was sharing, I didn’t change the channel, but kept listening.

After watching the television program, I began to read and study my Bible as I never had before. I also contacted Amazing Facts TV and flooded them with questions. Then I went online and began to purchase every book that I could find by Seventh-day Adventists. I read The Great Controversy, and The Desire of Ages. Over the few months my friends began to notice dramatic changes going on in my life. I no longer desired to drink and party or eat unhealthy. I no longer desired the things of the world. I was having a love affair with my Heavenly Father for the very first time.

Three years later I was baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I became actively involved in my congregation, co-founding “Knock-Knock Ministries” a ministry in our church that my friends and I developed where we go out into the community every 3rd Sabbath to pray with people, offer Bible studies, and pass out literature. With the assistance of our church, we also established a partnership with the local food pantry to offer food and clothing for those in need. What a blessing it is to share our blessings with others.

Through these two ministries, I met another girl about the same age as me who also had a similar testimony. She, too, had been searching for a deeper relationship with God. We met one day during one of my evangelistic gatherings and there was an instant connection. She had already been keeping the Sabbath on her own, but wanted to know more. I believe this was a divine appointment, so I began studying the Bible with her. It was beautiful, and a good friendship developed as a result.

I’m so thankful that I finally found what I was looking for. God truly answered my prayer of longing to know more about Him. Now I can’t wait to see the next chapter that God has planned for my life and ministry.

Trena Jenkins is a young adult writing from Maricopa, Arizona. She shared this testimony during the Generation of Youth for Christ Conference.

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World Church Prayer Requests

March 24 - 31, 2019

PRAYER REQUEST: Finally, this is the week! March 24-30, 2019 the General Conference Youth Ministries Department along with Pathfinders and young adults all over the world will be preaching at 100,000 different sites for Total Youth Involvement. Pray that God will work mightily during this week, and that not only will those who hear these messages be forever changed, but so will the lives of the thousands of youth preachers. #TYI19 (To learn more visit: https://youth.adventist.org/Total-Youth-Involvement)

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak in a powerful way to those attending these meetings. Pray that any plans of the enemy to disrupt the meetings will be foiled, and that those who need to hear the messages will attend without distractions.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for calm nerves and mind for the youth, as many will be preaching for the very first time. Pray that God will give them just the right words to speak.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for Gary Blanchard (General Conference Youth Ministries Director), Pako Edson Mokgwane (Associate Youth Director), Andrés J. Peralta (Associate Youth Director), and all their team of coordinators and organizers.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for all the division, union, and conference Youth Directors worldwide. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide each of them as they help coordinate and oversee the various youth evangelistic sites.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the young people in your local church, that they would fall in love with Christ more fully, and choose to honor Him in their life choices.

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