“Lord, who is supposed to get this book?”

“Lord, who is supposed to get this book?”

By Laura Williams

I was recently in Ohio and on my last day there we went door to door handing out Great Controversy books. When we finished, everyone had given away their books except for me. I had one left and could not find anyone else to give it to! I decided to save my last book, just in case I met someone in the airport the next day.

I arrived at the airport bright and early the next morning. As I stood at the gate, waiting to board my next flight, the thought came to my mind, "I wonder who I will give my last book to?"

Immediately, my attention was drawn to a man standing beside me. A strong feeling to give him the book came over me and I could not ignore it. After some hesitation, I walked up to him and asked him if I could give him a book. He just looked at me and said, "NO!" Then, he would not talk to or acknowledge me at all after that.

I was puzzled and wondered why I had felt impressed to give the book to him at all. The man was on my mind for the entire plane ride. As I got off the plane, I got another strong impression that I should wait there at the gate, until he got off the plane, just in case he had changed his mind. So I did. He was one of the last people off the plane, but when he saw me (I was just casually standing and staring at my phone beside the gate) he quickly walked the other direction and disappeared into the crowd.

"Well, that's that," I thought. "I won't be seeing Him again." I couldn't understand what the point of any of this was at that time. I started to head toward my gate, but again a VERY strong impression came to me, NOT to leave that gate.

I stood there completely puzzled and wondering why I should not leave this gate. I saw a group of nuns come in and sit down. "Oh! Maybe that's who I should give it to!" I started to walk toward the nuns, but then I thought about the other man and how there must be a reason why everything had happened.

What if I give the book to the nuns then run into the other man again and he changed his mind? I'll have nothing to give him! So I just stood there for about 30 minutes, not knowing what I should do. Finally, I just prayed, "Lord, I have no idea who I should give this book too! I don't want to give it to the wrong person. I will give it to the very next person who talks to me! Send the person you want to have this book to talk to me."

Seconds later, a man sitting across from the group of nuns got up and walked all the way over to where I stood and said, "Hello! Are you religious?"

"Yes, I am."

"Yeah, I am, too, I suppose. We have so many religions in my family. Baptist, Catholic, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jewish, etc. Family reunions sure get interesting at my house." It was like a bell went off in my head! It was clear, this was the person I needed to give the book to. I reached into my bag and said, "Hey! I've got something for you!"

He took one look at it and started smiling. "Is that a book about religious history?" he said. "I LOVE those kind of books! I find them fascinating. I certainly want to read this book!"

I gave him the book and he walked away just like that.

I stood there amazed and suddenly realized what the purpose was of asking the first man. God directed my attention to him, knowing that waiting for him at the gate would be the only way to get me to stay there long enough to meet this other man. Otherwise, I would have gotten off the plane and kept on walking without thinking twice about it.

I was a little discouraged and surprised when the first man did not take the book, but I learned that we should not give up when rejected. Maybe that rejection will lead you to the right person, one who really wants what you have to offer!

Laura Williams and her husband Ernie travel all over the United States putting on Christ centered musical concerts. Laura has produced multiple musical albums and CD’s. Her latest is: Scripture Songs for the Last Days.

World Church Prayer Requests

March 3 - 9, 2023

  • Pray for a missing helicopter operated by the Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services, Inc (PAMAS) based in the Philippines. The organization provides air medical aviation services to vulnerable groups in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas. The flight went missing on March 1st. Pilot, nurse and one patient on board. Search in progress. For updates visit the PAMAS page on Facebook.
  • Continue to pray for our church family in Turkey. Pray for supplies, provisions, protection, and courage in the face of unimaginable tragedy and loss.
  • Continue to pray for our church family in Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Pray for hope and wisdom how to live and witness in the midst of continued hardship and suffering.
  • Pray for Global Youth Day which takes place March 18, 2023. The theme is “Love is a Verb.” Pray that many youth will participate in reaching others for Jesus on this day!

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