Our Heavenly Father is a Gentleman

Our Heavenly Father is a Gentleman!

Testimonies from 10 Days of Prayer

The 10 Days of Prayer was such a blessing to me. I have been personally revived and my relationship with God has grown as a result. Also my faith has increased and I have realized that the way God speaks to me is not always the same as how He speaks to His other children. But one special thing I’ve discovered is that our heavenly Father is a gentleman. – O.S. from Botswana

Last year during 10 Days of Prayer, my friend Alicia prayed for five specific individuals to come to Christ. God answered many of her prayers, but one name on her list, her sister, had not responded. This year during the 10 Days of Prayer, Alicia’s sister came to the prayer meetings and surrendered herself to Jesus. Now she is taking Bible studies and preparing for baptism. Also, two other individuals that attended the 10 Days of Prayer meetings have also committed to baptism. We just praise God for His work and for the 10 Days of Prayer ministry. We all truly experienced a deeper experience with Jesus as we came together to pray. - J.J. from North Carolina, USA

During these 10 Days of Prayer I have grown so much spiritually. It is true that prayer brings us closer to God. Because of these 10 Days of Prayer, I now have a closer relationship with God. To be honest, I wasn’t doing so well spiritually before this, but these days of prayer have really renewed me spiritually and given me courage and strength to keep pressing forward. I’ve also been so strengthened hearing the testimonies of others, and now I have the desire to pray for others. – P.S. from Zimbabwe

Since the summer of 2018, I have been suffering from a terrible skin irritation. I have consulted different medical doctors but without relief. After using different kinds of ointments, my condition only got worse. Finally I decided to contact a lifestyle facility. In September 2018, I went to a lifestyle center for assistance. While I did everything faithfully, I only found temporary relief. I was discouraged and didn’t know what to do. In January, while on Facebook, I saw the advertisement for 10 Days of Prayer. I participated daily with my family, reading the materials, and interceding in prayer for immediate and extended family members, church members, the global Church, communities, etc. While I was praying for others, God heard my own prayer. I have been healed! To God be the glory. – M.A. from New York, USA

Last year during 10 Days of Prayer, I had ten prayer requests on my list. God has been so faithful and has already answered seven of those requests. He even added an extra blessing that I didn’t pray for. He is so good. Because of His endless love, I know He will answer my remaining three requests in His time. – J.M. from Kenya

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World Church Prayer Requests

February 17 - 24, 2019

PRAYER REQUEST: Nearly 500 evangelistic meetings recently finished in Jamaica, following an island-wide outreach initiative with a heavy health emphasis. Please pray for those who made decisions for Christ and for a healthy lifestyle during the meetings.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the health of our Church administrators and leaders as they engage in ministry for the global field. Pray that they will know how best to take care of their body temple. Remember your local pastor and leadership as well.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please join us in praying specifically for the following “Prayer Focus” city. Longyang (or Longquan), located in Southeastern China, has a population of 290,000. This city is known for its swords and celadon ceramics, which according to Wikipedia, “are often regarded as historically the finest in China.” In Longyang, there is an area set aside for the She-nation minority. The She are the largest ethnic minority in the province.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for God’s blessing on Longyang in the following areas:

o Pray for wisdom for Longyang’s leaders.

o Pray for the families of Longyang.

o Pray for the She ethnic minority group.

o Pray for the young people making major life decisions.

o Pray for those who struggle with their health in Longyang.

o Pray that the city’s most lonely elderly residents may find friendship.

o Pray for the women of Longyang —for their safety, education, and well-being.

o Pray for the men of Longyang—for wisdom, for their careers and their sense of purpose.

PRAYER REQUEST: March is just around the corner! Please continue praying for the General Conference Youth Ministries Department as they prepare to mobilize Pathfinders and other young adults all over the world to preach at 100,000 different sites for Total Youth Involvement. #TYI19 (To learn more visit: https://youth.adventist.org/Total-Youth-Involvement)

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