Saved by the Master Editor

Saved by the Master Editor

By Ellainna Hart

The deadline was fast approaching. In just a few more days, the project would be complete. The Jesus Understands book would go to the printers and then into the hands of countless children and families around the world who have suffered violence or abuse, showing them that Jesus, too, was hurt and abused, and He understands our trials and pains.

There were just a few changes that needed to be made to the manuscript before publishing, and I volunteered to make those changes. I worked with my co-worker, Julie Griswold, who dictated the changes to me over the phone. One laborious hour later, we were done and I went to save the completed manuscript. An error suddenly appeared on my screen and the program shut down. I could not save the changes. They were simply gone.

A sickening feeling came over me as I realized that I hadn’t saved the document even once during my conversation with Julie. There was nothing to go back to; no previous save. An hour’s worth of work was lost, and we would have to start over from the beginning.

I relayed this information to Julie who had another appointment. She did not have the time to go over the changes again. The burden was too heavy, so we prayed. We prayed that God would somehow recover the document and save the changes.

I reopened the program and received another error. The document could not be recovered. My heart sank even farther. Could I remember the changes? Would I be able to reproduce them on my own? I knew it was impossible. I prayed with one of my coworkers for the solution.

I was alone again in my office, not sure how to proceed. I nearly picked up the phone to call Julie and let her know the disappointing news, when I had the impression to reopen the program. I stared at my computer wondering how that would help. I had already reopened the program and it told me that the manuscript could not be recovered.

I sent up another quick prayer for a miracle as I closed and reopened program. To my immense surprise, the manuscript with all the changes appeared on my screen as if it had never been lost. My hands were literally shaking as I saved the document and there were tears in my eyes. I felt so unworthy, but so blessed to witness this miracle.

The co-worker who prayed with me was in another part of the office so I went looking for him to share this amazing news. When I explained what had happened, he said, “Ellainna, you know computers well enough to know this doesn’t happen. This can’t happen. If files are not saved, the changes are lost. God is showing His power.”

I believe he is right. My document was saved by the Master Editor, because it’s important for the world to know that Jesus Understands our every pain.

Ellainna Hart is sponsorship coordinator for A.S.A.P. (Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted) Ministries. A.S.A.P is based out of Berrien Springs, Michigan.

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Southern Asia Division

Prayer Requests Sept. 24 – Oct. 1

BRIEF FACTS ABOUT THE SUD: The Southern Asia Division (SUD) spans the countries of India, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives Islands. The SUD is one of the most populated territories, with 1.3 billion residents. 98% are Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim – only 2% are Christian. 1.7 million Adventists live in this region. There are 3000 people groups and 350 languages.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Ezras Lakra (Division President), Wilson Measapogu (Division Secretary) and E. Selvin Moorthy (Division Treasurer). Pray for the Union and Conference leadership, as well as the local pastors and church leaders. Pray for strength and direction as important decisions are made.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the Holy Spirit to do what man cannot do. There are government restrictions on evangelism and the greatest challenge in this area is reaching the Muslim and Hindu populations.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for more churches for believers to meet in. Some churches are not adequate for the members, and many need repairs.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that members will learn how to effectively reach all the different segments of society with the gospel message, especially in the large urban centers.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for women and children caught in the sex-trafficking industry, and for the advocates who fight for them. Pray that they will see the way to hope, healing and truth.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that the power of the occult would be broken and that the gospel would penetrate unreached areas through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the youth to catch the vision for mission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize because last week we failed to include the names of the leaders of the Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD) in our prayer requests list! Please remember them in your prayers this week as well!

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Saw Samuel (Division President), Rudy R. Baloyo (Division Secretary), and Max W. Langi (Division Treasurer). Please pray for all the Union, Conference, and local church leaders as well, that God will give them wisdom for their work in the Southern Asia Pacific Division which is headquartered in the Philippines.

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