Saved Just in Time!

Saved Just in Time!

By Jan

As a Filipino, in my circle of influence, the words 'depression' and 'suicide' are not in our vocabulary. What I am about to admit is not easy for me to share. But the reality is that I battled with thoughts of suicide for three years because of my past. If you met me, you would never guess I was dying inside. I often called myself, "dead woman walking" or "walking dead." I fought this silent battle alone for a long time.

The first time I tried taking my life was six days before I was re-baptized in December 2018. Guess what happened? The knife that cut me days before did not cut my wrist that day. It just wouldn’t work. Praise the Lord!

In the spring of 2021, just before the 24/7 United Prayer 1Mind4Myanmar event, I planned to take my life again. I had already purchased all the ingredients to kill myself and once I started with my plan, I would be gone within six minutes. It was sad, but I had accepted that this was it for me; this was my best and only option to escape the life I lived.

One morning, I opened my email, and I saw a message from Revival and Reformation. It was regarding the 24/7 1Mind4Myanmar event. I read the e-mail and then ignored it. But when April 3rd came a few days later, a voice in my head kept telling me to join the 1Mind4Myanmar prayer event. I was annoyed because I did not want to pray anymore. I was ready to die because I did not think anything could help me at that point. But I just could not shake that voice in my head. So skeptically and angrily, I joined the prayer group around 12 pm PST. I even told God that this prayer event would not work and it could not help me.

Hours later, I found myself praying while they prayed. I cried while they cried. I prayed with them for the next seven hours or so on the prayer line. At first, I did not see any difference except that I joined more 24/7 United Prayer calls after the 1Mind4Myanmar event. On April 7, I realized it was the first day I did not think about suicide.

Yes, Satan tried to destroy me, but God took away the darkness. I can sleep better now. I am no longer afraid. God showed me that I was never alone during my darkest nights. Prayer works. God answers prayers even when we think prayer will not work for us. I'm glad I was wrong, and I give Him all glory for saving my life.

I’ve found that 24/7 United Prayer is a beautiful community. There are many WhatsApp group chats dedicated to prayer requests, but these chats go above and beyond just requests. United Prayer leaders often take time to reply to the requests with prayers. They also share personal testimonies or encouraging words from the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy to uplift the individual who sent the request.

They also have "Coming UP Higher" or "Debrief" sessions. This part of the call is dedicated to exhortation. What I have noticed in these sessions, however, goes above and beyond exhortation. I've heard volunteers and callers exchange tears and compassion, love, and encouragement with one another.

The 24/7 United Prayer community genuinely cares for each individual’s spiritual growth. During a call, I've witnessed them laugh together, sing 'Happy Birthday,' and exchange testimonies on blessings they received. It’s like what Jesus said, “Love one another so the world will know that You are my disciples.” That’s what I have continued to witness these past few months. I feel blessed to be learning from such beautiful Seventh-day Adventist prayer warriors. I am glad that Jesus directed my way to become part of this ministry. All glory to Jesus!

Jan was once a prodigal but has now become a beggar, begging for more of Jesus. She’s originally from the Philippines but currently resides in Canada.

World Church Prayer Requests

October 22 - 28, 2021

  • Pray for the prodigals in your family and in your church, who may be on the brink of making life changing decisions.
  • Pray for the Diwali Festival of Light prayer event hosted by the General Conference Global Mission Center November 2-6. Pray that many join us in praying for our Hindu and Sikh neighbors. (Learn more click here!)
  • Pray for the Kurds. With over 3 million people that live along the border of Iraq, many Southern Kurds are farmers and cattlemen. Only 0.05% are Christians. Pray for courage and protection for the few Southern Kurd Christians, and for receptive hearts towards the gospel in the remaining members of this people group.
  • Pray for heavenly courage and Holy Spirit power to share our faith amid the spiritual darkness that is thickening around the world.

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