Testimonies from the 24-Hour Prayer Room Experience

“Testimonies from the 24-Hour Prayer Room Experience”

(These testimonies came from the Global Camp Meeting, which occurred May 19-23, 2021)

“Attending the General Conference ‘I Will Go’ camp meeting has been the highlight of my whole Adventist experience. Even though it was all online, it’s the best camp meeting I’ve ever attended. I’m so moved that God has praying people around the globe that are united in prayer, and I feel like we’ve experienced a little bit of a revival in God’s remnant church. I believe prayer is what God is going to use to bring revival to our church. It was such a blessing to pray with a global family and hearing all the beautiful languages made me long for heaven. I was so blessed. My heart is topped up and over flowing! I cannot praise God enough for the blessings experienced at this online camp meeting.” – Nita, Australia

“The Lord helped my family and me to be able to attend this camp meeting and to take part in the prayer room experience despite heavy rains and network issues. This has once again taught me the lesson that when God has a purpose or a plan for us, He will fulfill and accomplish these plans no matter the trials and hurdles that we face. Praise the LORD for this camp meeting experience.” - Christina, India

“My short testimony is that I have been carrying my own secret sins. But when I entered the camp meeting prayer room, seeing other people sharing, and praying for each other and for the lost, I just suddenly saw myself as ‘lost in the church.’ By the way, I’m a pastor! So, I realized while in the prayer room that I couldn’t continue to carry my own secret sins. I needed to confess them and give them to Jesus. So I want you all to know that I was really blessed and inspired by attending the prayer room, and thank you for bringing people to the feet of Jesus.” – Milton, Brazil

“I came to the camp meeting out of an interest in just worshiping with the worldwide church. However, as a member of the prayer ministries for my own church and conference, prayer is a must for me. When I came to the GC’s online prayer room, I found what my soul needed. I have been in a dry place for the past few weeks. When you work for the church sometimes, one can suffer burnout. I think I was at that place when I came to the prayer room. I have been struggling with my prayer life. Thanks to the prayer room experience, I have received renewed energy, and I have a made a new commitment to Jesus.” – Claudette, England

“The prayer room has been my charging station for four days and nights. It has been all things good and uplifting! Such an empowering gathering of prayer warriors from all corners of the globe united on their knees to honor and praise God.” – Linson, Canada

“I was so blessed with this global camp meeting. One of the powerful blessings that uplifted my faith was being encouraged, in one of the devotionals, to praise God continually, trusting that He will provide for our needs. The devotional messages were obviously prompted by the Holy Spirit. I praise God for the amazing experience in the prayer room.” – Pamela, Indonesia

“I am thankful to God for this global camp meeting and the prayer room. I know I wasn't at the Day of Pentecost, but this felt a bit like the day of Pentecost to me because there were different languages, and everyone understood in their own languages. To God be the glory!” – Febie, USA

“I wanted to listen to the seminars and presentations at camp meeting, but I also didn’t want to miss the prayer room experience. So I switched back and forth, and sometimes I used two devices so I could get both. I was tremendously blessed by this camp meeting experience.” – Genevieve, South Africa

“I cannot thank God enough for the blessing of being able to touch people with the power of prayer. It has been a collective effort with the Holy Spirit being at the forefront.” – Irma, USA

“Camp meeting was such an amazing experience! I was so inspired by the devotional messages. And also it was wonderful in the 24-hour prayer room breakout rooms, getting to know people from around the world. It was like getting a box of your favorite chocolates. We don’t know whom we will meet next or which country they will be from, but we know the fellowship will be good. I was also very inspired by the heavenly music shared by Music Verse, which was uplifting and prepared our hearts for heartfelt united prayer in the prayer room.” – Jonathan, India

Join us July 3rd, 2021 for another 24-Hour prayer room experience. Our focus will be praying for our brothers and sisters in India. Watch for details at: https://247unitedprayer.org. To hear more praise reports and testimonies from the prayer room, click here. To hear inspiring music featured during the 24-hour prayer room, visit: MusicVerse.org

World Church Prayer Requests

June 18 - 24, 2021

  • Pray for the 1.93 billion unreached in East Asia. Pray for more laborers for the harvest.
  • Pray especially for believers in China, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Each country has its own challenges, and we are praying for miracles.
  • Pray for writers to complete a new literature and Bible study series that is to be shared in 2022. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be upon this special project.
  • Keep praying for the upcoming 24/7 United Prayer and Music Verse event to be held on July 3rd, as we focus our prayers on the spiritual and physical needs of brothers and sisters in India. (Watch 247unitedprayer.org for details!)

To download these testimonies or prayer requests, click here!

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