The Car that is God's Witness

“The Car that is God’s Witness”

By Andrew McChesney

Thirty-one-year-old Chenelle heard the loud rat-tat-tat of semi-automatic gunfire during a teacher-training session in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital, Port of Spain.

Teachers jumped to their feet and ran to the third-floor window. On the street, a man was fleeing on foot from a white car. The gunfire was coming from the car. A few teachers screamed in fright, and everyone ducked down for safety as the car passed by the school. For two long minutes they waited. Finally the loud rattle of gunfire stopped, and Chenelle heard the scared shrieks of schoolchildren. She wept. This was the second time in seven months that she had heard gunfire.

Teachers went downstairs to comfort the frightened schoolchildren. Chenelle, who was helping direct the training, left the school. Police officers were already outside, asking drivers to move their parked cars. But a police officer forbade her from even approaching her car.

“Can I at least see my car?” she asked. An officer led her to her black vehicle. Bullet holes riddled its windows. Chenelle was shocked. She had bought the car less than two years earlier.

Chenelle later learned that two people, including a small boy, had been grazed by bullets in the attack. No one had been killed. In a stroke of providence, many children had been excused from school that afternoon so the teachers could have their training session. Her car had suffered heavy damage because the man who had been targeted by the gunman had fled on foot from his own car and had hidden behind her car.

That night at home, Chenelle thanked God for His protection. “Thank you, God, for saving me and all the people who were in close proximity to the gunfire,” she prayed. “Thanks for Your continued protection over my life.”

As she thought about the attack, she remembered a conversation that she had had a day earlier. While waiting for an oil change for her car, she and an attendant had discussed how people take their cars too seriously, even putting them before God. During the conversation, Chenelle told him about hearing semi-automatic gunfire on a highway seven months earlier. The car involved in the shooting had crashed into the left side of her car, badly damaging it. After that accident, Chenelle decided that Christ was more important than her car. “I could lose my car tomorrow, but as long as Christ spares my life, I will keep serving Him,” Chenelle told the attendant.

The next day, on June 12, 2019, the gunfire erupted outside the school. After the school shooting, several coworkers advised Chenelle to sell her car. “Sell your car,” said one. “It has demonic energy in it.” “Yes, get rid of it,” said another. “Something is wrong with that car.” But Chenelle saw no reason to sell.

“It is not about the car,” she said. “We should not put our focus on material things. We should put our focus on God.”

She believes that her car is a witness to God’s goodness. “It’s really about God protecting us as we keep our faith and proclaim His name through difficult times,” she said.

Andrew McChesney is the editor for Adventist Mission. To read more amazing stories from Adventist Mission, click here.

World Church Prayer Requests

September 25 – October 1, 2020

• Pray for spiritual discernment for God’s people in these tumultuous times. Pray that we learn to test everything that we hear and see according to God’s Word.

• Pray for Christians in the United States. On September 26, 2020, thousands of evangelicals will meet at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC to pray for revival. We want revival, but we want a Biblical revival, so join us in praying for God’s leading for this nation and for our church.

• Pray for the General Conference technical staff, and those working behind the scenes making plans for Annual Council which will start next week. They need God’s wisdom and guidance.

• Pray for this week’s Adventist Mission unreached people group, the Lao people. The Lao people live in the plains of Laos in Southeast Asia. Many grow rice and other crops to make a living. Only 3.5% of this people group know Jesus. Pray with us for the 3.2 million Lao who have yet to hear the everlasting gospel.

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