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Twenty-Four Hours of Prayer

By Anonymous

As many know, in May 2021 the General Conference (GC) held an online virtual camp meeting. One of the features was a 24/7 prayer room. I was privileged to help behind the scenes with coordinating prayer leader’s schedules and the technical aspects of running a 24-hour Zoom prayer room for four days straight. While I was excited to be part of the event, I was also quite anxious on how the schedule would turn out as there were constant revisions.

As the prayer event began, things seemed to be going well. I worked with our team, orchestrating the different details of the Zoom meeting, working to have videos ready to play at just the precise moment, and texting teammates, reminding them what they were to do next. My hands were on the wheel, and I was excited to help lead God’s people to pray. It was then that the Lord beautifully showed me that I needed to surrender everything to Him, as He is the One really in charge.

As the camp meeting progressed, I grew exhausted and weary. Things did not always go perfectly as I tried to juggle details, but each passing day, God was gracious and so was our team of prayer leaders. I’m so thankful for our incredible prayer team. Not only did our team become one, like never before, through this special prayer experience, but we also became one with the hundreds (maybe thousands) who joined the prayer line hour after hour, day after day. What a beautiful experience! When one weeps, you weep; when one rejoices, you also rejoice. Through this prayer experience, I was once again reminded that I am not alone in my challenges. We all have the same things to overcome, and the Lord gives us the victory.

Truly the camp meeting prayer room was an answer to prayer, but that’s not all. We’ve seen God’s providence in other prayer events since that time. In October, we saw God work mightily during the 24 hours of prayer we hosted for Afghanistan. In December we started a 24-hour Zoom prayer room, appropriately called the “Boiler Room.” That “Boiler Room” is still going strong, with more people joining every day! Hearing all the testimonies, especially during the recent 10 Days of Prayer, brings tears to my eyes.

This coming weekend, February 4-6, we will be hosting 1Mind4China, another 24-hour prayer event. I hope many of you will join and see for yourself how beautiful it is when brothers and sisters join together in prayer from all around the world. It’s something you must experience, if you haven’t already.

I still remember how a small group of us prayed on Messenger last year—that God would raise up more people to join together in united prayer from around the world. God is answering that prayer. Not only is He doing something amazing in the 24/7 United Prayer ministry, but I believe we have received a small glimpse of what heaven will be like through this beautiful experience. God is bringing His people together in deeper unity through the power of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer is that God will continue to ignite the prayer revival fire. I pray that we will, as a church, continue to be rooted and grounded in love, and work together as we move forward on our knees, pleading for the power of His Holy Spirit. While we may not yet see all the answers to our prayers, we know that God is at work. And, when Jesus returns in the clouds of heaven to take us home, I believe we will see many of those yet unanswered prayers joining us in the sky. Let’s continue forward on our knees!

Our anonymous author writes from Thailand, where she works as one of the prayer facilitators and coordinators for 24/7 United Prayer. 24/7 United Prayer operates in partnership with the General Conference’s United in Prayer program as part of the General Conference Revival and Reformation prayer initiatives.

World Church Prayer Requests

February 4 - 10, 2022

  • Pray for the 1Mind4China 24 hour United Prayer event taking place this weekend! (Click here to learn more!)
  • Pray that many will continue to join the 24/7 United Prayer “Boiler Room” Zoom calls going on at: There are new testimonies of changed lives every day.
  • Pray for those suffering from major flooding in Ecuador.
  • Pray for the Ngazidja Comorians which number 419,000 people. Christians make up only 0.6% of the population. Pray for medical missionary teams who can meet healthcare needs, as there is a shortage of hospitals and doctors in this country. Pray also for boldness among the believers to share Christ with their own people.
  • Pray for unwavering faith and courage to be true to God’s Word and witnesses for Jesus, as we live in unsettling times and immorality is on the rise.

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