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Believe His Prophets, the sequel to Revived by His Word, is a five-year program reading through the Bible and selected Ellen White writings, including Steps to Christ, Christ’s Object Lessons, Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, The Desire of Ages, The Acts of the Apostles, and The Great Controversy. You can receive daily Bible readings, participate in interactive blogs and read select inspirational writings.


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Latest Blog Posts

 Job 7

Today at 03:00 AM  |  Job 7

It seems there is no hope for recovery for Job (verse 6).  His life is only a breath away from being gone, his eyes may never see good again (verse 7). The one who dies does not come up to resume  his life again (verse 8). There is no more home-coming to such a person (verses 9,10). Job refuses to keep quiet, to “cut off” his mouth, and will continue…


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 Job 6

Yesterday at 03:00 AM  |  Job 6

Answering his friends, Job wishes for a fair trial. He feels that God’s arrows are against him (vv. 3,4).

Yet even in his terrible suffering, Job has a firm view of God’s ability to help him (vv. 8-9). Job never asked for possessions from friends or help against an enemy or an oppressor (vv. 22-23). But he does implore his friends to tell him how he…


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 Patriarchs and Prophets 56-57

Yesterday at 03:00 AM  |  Patriarchs and Prophets 56-57

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 Job 5

Sep 24  |  Job 5

Eliphaz feels that Job’s problem is himself. What you sow, you reap, is his main theme. There is no need for Job to call on the supernatural for help (vv. 1-5).

It is not part of the power of the earth to bring on evil. In (v. 7) Eliphaz speaks of angels coming and delivering trouble and then flying back upward. For this reason, one should seek God…


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 Job 4

Sep 23  |  Job 4

Eliphaz is the first friend of Job to respond to his outcry. These friends of Job had no knowledge of the Rebellion in Heaven history and the subsequent drawn out dialogue between Satan and God over Job’s faithfulness. It was absent from their thinking.   

While Eliphaz was trying to sleep one night, a spirit passed by his face (v. 15). He became…


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 Job 3

Sep 22  |  Job 3

In this chapter onward, Job starts to reflect on his condition.  In the meantime, Satan utilizes Job’s friends to continue his onslaught.  Job  wonders why God did not prevent the evil although he does not blame God. 

In ancient Greece stages for plays were built with three wooden floors on three levels: above for heaven, below for the underworld,…


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 Job 2

Sep 21  |  Job 2

Since Satan stole this planet, it became the only lost sheep in the universe. When God asked Satan where he came from he said, “From walking forward and backward, up and down the earth.” He was very busy designing evil and disasters, not only on Job but the whole of humanity. 

God was proud of Job and asked Satan if he had “placed his heart”…


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