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The Desire of Ages 16

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What do You want to be Remembered for?

If there were only two words that you wish you would be remembered for at the end of your life, two words that would depict what you stand for, two words that express what was most important to you in your life, what two words would they be? In this inspiring article, Dr. Frank Hasel talks about important character qualities that will last beyond this lifetime. These are qualities that God will give when we seek Him.

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You can Never Outgive God!

In this inspiring story from the front lines of ministry, Jeff Sutton shares about his life in the mission field and how learning to trust God and give with no restraint has forever changed his life and ministry. We pray that you are blessed by this beautiful testimony.



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What to do when Your Heart is Broken

In this short "Heart to Heart" video devotional, Melody Mason shares some personal and practical encouragement for those who might be struggling with heartbreak or life disappointment and pain. We pray these thoughts are an inspiration for you. You are not forgotten by God. He knows what He's doing, and you can trust Him.


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