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Important Dates


Sabbath of Prayer and Fasting

The first Sabbath of every quarter is set aside as a special day of prayer and fasting.

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Sabbath of Prayer and Fasting

The first Sabbath of every quarter is set aside as a special day of prayer and fasting.

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Ten Days of Prayer

These are the dates for the worldwide Ten Days of Prayer.

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Featured Resources

Daily Discipleship

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Revelation of Hope 7 - Strength to Love

In this convicting and raw episode, Taj Pacleb shares how a few weeks ago, a known arsonist was successful in destroying his home with fire. But from the ashes of their burnt home, a blessed discovery was made! In this new Reflections of Hope episode, he helps us all uncover the source of the greatest power in the universe.



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Five Keys to Opening the Front Door

How welcoming is your church? Is it a safe and inviting place for visitors to come? How can you make it even more welcoming for strangers that might walk through the door? In this practical and relevant article from Ministry Magazine, Alan Parker breaks down five keys to help church members be more effective in their welcome and witness.


Prayer, Relationships

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Prayer and Thriving Relationships

In this three-part series, packed full of inspirational and practical sharing, Jerry and Janet Page talk about prayer and thriving relationships, intercessory prayer, and practical helps for igniting your prayer life. This series is sure to inspire all that listen!


Daily Devotional


The Bible record of men and women of ancient times presents backgrounds so broad and diverse that every modern person may identify with someone portrayed therein. All who are wise will gain from a study of this record that which will direct, enrich, and guard their own personal life. They will draw courage from those who triumphed, learn from the mistakes of others, and hopefully will be spared the heartaches of those who made unwise choices.


The word of God treats only briefly the exploits, failures, and successes of the characters it portrays. More detailed accounts are given to us by Ellen G. White in her inspired writings. In a rare manner she catches and applies, with sensitive, divinely guided insight, relevant lessons from the lives of saints and sinners depicted in sacred history. From this voluminous and rich source of materials the 365 brief sketches that comprise this devotional volume have been selected.


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