Experiencing God through Prayer and Praise - Newly Updated

Experiencing God through Prayer and Praise - Newly Updated

This newly updated inspirational packet, compiled by Jerry and Janet Page, contains many resources on prayer including topics like: Praising God, abiding in Jesus’ love, guidelines for those desiring anointing, encouraging promises and quotes on healing, principles of intercessory prayer, how to pray with your spouse, powerful promises for parents, what to pray for non-Christians, when Satan called a worldwide meeting, and much more. (Download the entire packet or choose topics individually.)

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  1. Call to Me and I will Answer
  2. Empowered by Prayer and the Holy Spirit
  3. Anchored in Scripture
  4. God's Promises to Give Life and Power
  5. Seize the Power of Praise
  6. Benefits of Praising God
  7. Praise God in all Circumstances
  8. Blessings to Praise God For
  9. How to Begin Abiding in Jesus' Love
  10. Seven Daily Essentials for Abiding in Christ
  11. The Joys of Being Dead
  12. Dying to Self
  13. Hearing His Voice
  14. The Character of Christ
  15. A.C.T.S. Prayer Format
  16. The Sanctuary as a Model for Prayer
  17. The Lord's Prayer as a Model for Prayer
  18. Encountering God in Prayer
  19. Getting Started in Prayer Ministries
  20. God's Power Unleashed
  21. Principles of Intercessory Prayer
  22. The Power of Praying Together
  23. Prayer Group Suggestions
  24. Guidelines for Believers who Request Anointing
  25. Healing Promises for Those Who Suffer
  26. Partnering in Prayer
  27. How to Pray with Your Spouse
  28. Promises to Claim for Your Children
  29. How to Get Started Prayer Walking
  30. Themes for Prayer Walking
  31. Prayer Commitment Card
  32. How to Pray with Friends Who Are Not Yet Christians
  33. That They May Be One - Principles for Better Relationships
  34. Contemporary Peter
  35. Satan Called a Worldwide Meeting
  36. Prayer Ministry Resources

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