Introducing 24/7 United Prayer

Introducing 24/7 United Prayer

Are you hungry to have brother's and sister's to pray with? Are you feeling a bit isolated with all the social distancing regulations and longing for fellowship and spiritual support? We invite you to join 24/7 United Prayer, a revival movement, where you can unite daily with brothers and sisters around the world in prayer. Lives are already being changed. Maybe yours will be next.

24/7 United Prayer

We are pleased to announce 24/7 United Prayer, a new global prayer initiative that seeks to promote revival. Incidentally, one of the co-founders of 24/7 United Prayer is also the original initiator of the "100 Days of Prayer" movement which the General Conference has now adopted as an official worldwide prayer initiative. Our General Conference Revival and Reformation Committee are collectively grateful for this new prayer partnership, as well as the many dedicated prayer leaders in our church who, although their names may not be mentioned, recognize that our only safety is staying on our knees.

These prayer meetings are all conducted on Zoom. Zoom is a free video audio conference platform. If you don't have a free zoom account, sign up here.

24/7 United Prayer Happening around the World via Zoom

Let's move forward on our knees!

24/7 United Prayer Testimonies

[You'd be encouraged to know that church leaders all around the world are meeting together regularly to pray on zoom! And what a blessing it has been. We encourage you, don't miss the experience of united prayer. Join the 24/7 United Prayer movement! It will change your prayer life. Here are some testimonies from the 24/7 United Prayer lines. We know you will be blessed! ~ The Revival and Reformation Committee Leadership]

It is through the 24/7 United Prayer ministry that God has taken my spiritual life and relationship with Jesus to a whole new level. The change that God has been doing in my prayer life has made a huge and eternal difference in my family as well as my Pastoral ministry. I’m on a journey to know Jesus more and more through the Holy Spirit that He may become the sole passion of my life. – Eddie G. USA

I praise God for this 24/7 United Prayer. It has greatly changed my life, my outlook, and mindset in life. The prayers are just always encouraging whenever I am feeling down or alone or troubled. - Xianne A. Thailand

24/7 United Prayer has helped me look forward to waking up early in the morning - either to join in UP, or for personal prayer time. God has sustained me through a long personal rough patch, and my faith is growing. – Linda L. USA

24/7 United Prayer has changed my prayer life. I used to pray just for me, my needs etc, but 24/7 United Prayer has opened a huge ministry of intercession. It has taken my eyes off self and realisation of a greater need of prayer and what can be achieved through United Prayer. This has changed my life course totally. – Bridget R. Australia

24/7 United Prayer helps me to see more that prayer is time-saving. God is able to organize everything in a short time. – Iyoy S. Indonesia

24/7 United Prayer made me to rise up early and have quality and quantity time with God and made me Morning Person :) . The testimonies I hear here have strengthened by Prayer life and I dare not to miss any day , because God showers His mercy daily in response to our prayers to strengthen our dependency on Him. – Jonathan J. India

I praise God for the powerful 24/7 prayer platforms, for it has encouraged me to pray without ceasing. The platform is available even when travel involves time change. There is always a prayer call going on in a country within reach of my time zone. I praise God for technology and for God's children who faithfully humble themselves to intercede on behalf of others. God is faithful and He answers prayers.– Bea D. Nigeria

24/7 prayer gave me more love and desire for praying. I love that we can united in prayer even though we are in a different place. – Hana N. Japan

I have been so blessed by joining 24/7 united prayer as i am encouraged that there are many who join from around the world and we are all united in our desires. I feel we are bonded in our hearts through our prayers even though we don’t know each other. – Nita T. Australia

This ministry is not only informational but most importantly transformational. A changed life that is made possible through prayer by a living and prayer-answering God. My recurring prayer is for many to discover the blessing of this platform to talk to God. A morning without 24/7 Asia is like going to a war without armor. Imagine God coming down to listen to our prayer and handing out each one grace that would last more than the entire day! - Lin T. Thailand

24/7 United Prayer trained me to breathe and live prayer. - Rem T. Thailand