When We Put Jesus First

What would happen if we set aside our distractions and put our relationship with Jesus first? To set aside the things that are artificial, and receive something wonderful from Christ himself? Join several different families and individuals in this inspiring 3-minute video as their story unfolds. This video is sure to challenge and convict you in new ways as you seek a closer walk with Christ.


Resources to Help you Grow!

The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s ministry departments are always developing great resources to help you grow in personal spiritual renewal and vibrant witness. Check out some of the powerful resources featured in this video, and help share this video so that more people will be inspired to put Jesus first!

Children’s Bible

The Minister’s Bible

Women’s Bible

Michael Asks Why -The Great Controversy for Children

God Loves Me 28 Ways

Women’s Prayer Journal

Writings of Ellen White on Mobile Devices iOS or Android

Daring to Ask for More