A Double Answer and Sign from God

A Double Answer and Sign from God

This story is about a young, energetic couple in a closed country. They are active Christians, in charge of youth activities in their church. At the time this story occurred, the wife, Kim, was pregnant. After giving birth to a precious baby boy, her joy turned to panic and fear. She couldn’t move her legs! They were totally paralyzed. They rushed her and the baby from her little rural village to the hospital. There, the doctor prescribed her some antibiotics and said that they should help with the paralysis. She was hopeful, but another problem cropped up. The medicine interfered with her milk supply and she was not able to nurse her baby. Her husband, Hinh, went to the mountains to search for beehives to harvest so he could sell the honey and have money to buy milk for his newborn. He prayed as he went, half expecting an answer.

Thankfully Hinh wasn’t the only one praying. Their little church also began fasting and praying for him and his family. On the third day of prayer, the mother could walk again and she was able to produce milk for her baby! Imagine her husband’s joy when he returned from the mountain to discover a healed wife and a happy, well-fed baby.

This double miracle helped confirm to the couple and church members that they were on the right path, for they had recently received a DVD about the Sabbath and were studying this truth from the Bible. They believed in the true God but they didn’t know if this new truth was from Him or not. The church members took this beautiful answer to prayer for the couple, the ones to initially receive the DVD, as a sign that they should accept the Sabbath.

The whole church became Seventh-day Adventists after witnessing these miracles!

*All names have been changed for the safety of the individuals.

This story comes from ASAP Ministries. ASAP stands for Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted. ASAP Ministries exists to multiply disciples through ethnic missionaries who serve wholistically among the unreached, refugees, persecuted, and poor from the 10-40 window. If you would like to read more of their mission stories, visit asapministries.org.

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World Church Prayer Requests

January 20 - 27, 2019

PRAYER REQUEST: Many testimonies are already starting to come in from 10 Days of Prayer. Please join us in praying that God will continue to work in the lives of all those who have taken part in this special 10 Days of seeking the Lord for a deeper experience. If you have a special testimony,please share it by clicking here!

PRAYER REQUEST: We are about a year and a half away from the next General Conference Session in Indianapolis. We invite you to start praying with us that God will work in a special way at this 2020 session, and that the Holy Spirit will be poured out as never before. Pray especially that Ellen White’s vision, “What Might Have Been,” will become reality.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for Sherry Clemmer, event coordinator, and the General Conference team as they plan for the 2020 General Conference session. There are many logistical details to work out. Pray for God to lead in the planning of each detail.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the Indianapolis Dome and Convention Center staff that we will interact with at the upcoming General Conference Session. Pray that we will be positive witnesses and that they will desire to give their lives to Christ and become part of this end-time movement.

PRAYER REQUEST: Continue to pray for the Centers of Influence in your region of the world. There are many. Perhaps you have one in your own community!

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for God to work through the Good Samaritan Inn, an urban Center of Influence in Kingston, Jamaica. The inn provides people with a hot meal, a bath, and a change of clothing. Please pray that those who come to the inn will see a picture of Jesus in those who serve them.

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