A Prayer for Justice

A Prayer for Justice

By Linda Mei Lin Koh

It was a cold, wet afternoon as our church friend Luz hurried to catch the bus home from work. Looking carefully before crossing the street in the pedestrian walkway and seeing that the road was clear, Luz walked briskly across. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white sedan appeared and ploughed into her. Luz was killed on the spot. It all happened so fast that no one noticed anything unusual until she was lying in the street. The driver sped away at high speed without even stopping.

Her sister, the only family member she had in the States, was shocked. All of us at the church were equally shocked when the pastor informed us of the sad news. Just a few months before the accident, Luz joined us at our first fellowship lunch after we reopened for in-person worship during the pandemic. She was always cheerful, encouraging and bubbly. Her life was one of service to her friends and colleagues. It seemed like just yesterday when we talked and laughed together during that lunch fellowship. And now, she was gone! We wondered why such a bad thing happened to a person like Luz!

At our weekly prayer meeting, the pastor proposed an unusual idea. He suggested that we pray for the police to find the guilty driver and bring him or her to justice. Now, we have prayed and interceded weekly for the sick, the discouraged, the families who lost loved ones to COVID, but we have never prayed for justice to be done for someone we knew. We started praying, presenting this special request to God, for we believe our heavenly Father is interested in every aspect of our lives. We claimed God’s promises in our prayers:

“The LORD executes righteousness, and justice for all who are oppressed," (Ps. 103:6, NKJV).

“He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the goodness of the LORD,” (P. 33:5, NKJV).

We prayed earnestly for several weeks, trusting that if it was the Lord’s will, the guilty driver would be found. Guess what? Several weeks later, the police found the hit-and-run driver! We praise our heavenly Father for hearing our request. While we still mourn about the loss of Luz, we praise God for answering our prayer for justice!

Linda Mei Lin Koh is director of the General Conference Children’s Ministries Department.

World Church Prayer Requests

April 8 - 14, 2022

  • Continue praying for our church members throughout Eastern Europe.
  • Pray for the leadership of the Euro-Asia Division as they handle this difficult crisis.
  • Pray for the upcoming 40 Days of Prayer for the World Church which will run from May 3 -June 11. (If you are signed up for these weekly United in Prayer mailings, you will receive the materials for 40 Days of Prayer!)
  • Pray for the onsite prayer room at the General Conference Session in St. Louis. Pray that many will come and join us to pray for our church, for the Holy Spirit, and for the needs of believers from around the world.
  • Pray for the Wassulu of West Africa. A warm and hospitable people, the Wassulu live in remote villages and follow a simple lifestyle dependent on locally grown crops. Christians represent a small 0.04% of the total population of 203,000. Pray for the few village chiefs who have been introduced to Christ, that they will be moved to accept Him as Savior.

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