Answered Prayers and Divine Appointments

“Answered Prayers and Divine Appointments!”

By Young Adult Missionaries

Last year I was volunteering at Pathways to Health. While I was working there, I began praying earnestly for some divine appointments. Not long after, someone came up to me in the lifestyle section and asked if I could talk to people in waiting line. So I went to the long line to talk with the different guests and found a couple that was interested in learning how to stop smoking. The next 20-45 minutes I spent sharing health ideas and tips to help them stop smoking. This led to my sharing how only God could help them overcome. They were visibly moved, and this led to an even more in depth conversation about Christ, His salvation, and His strength to overcome. I prayed for them and they were grateful. We exchanged phone numbers and they called me later. I talked with them and prayed with them again and we will be staying in touch. I’m so thankful to God for this divine appointment. Please pray that our relationship can continue and that I will be able to lead them fully to Christ. ~ Mike B, Weimar California

During my college years, I spent a year in Kenya with a high school for ten months. My role was a girl’s assistant dean, which gave me the privilege to work with the girls closely. During the week of prayer that year, I noticed the spiritual battle that was happening among the youth. Many students stood for the appeal, yet there was one girl who was hesitant. The Holy Spirit was tugging at my heart and told me to ask this student what was holding her back. Normally, this girl was a happy and energetic girl, but she was being unusually sad and quiet. When I called her into my office, she poured out her heart to me. She told me how no one knew that her best friend had died by suicide. For the last few months, she had felt depressed. She held a façade, yet God knew that someone needed to help point her to Jesus so she could be relieved of her burden. A few nights later, I prayed for hours with her over her decision for baptism. As a youth, she felt scared to be different, but God worked through her fear and doubt. She ended up being one of the few students who got baptized. Praise the Lord for this answered prayer! ~ Tara T, Loma Linda California

Not long ago, I was canvassing in California asking God to set up a divine appointment with an individual who would not only be interested in my books, but also Bible studies. In the evening, at around 8:30 p.m. I had almost given up hope of meeting this individual! I had been canvassing for over 8 hours that day with no results. However something told me not to give up and to keep on going and praying. At my very last door, I met a lady who was interested in all my books! She purchased all of them, and before I left she signed up for Bible studies. I’m so excited for this answer to prayer! ~ Joseph C, Paradise California

World Church Prayer Requests

August 28 – September 3, 2020

• Pray for all those you know involved in health evangelism. Truly it is the right arm of the gospel, and what a time in earth’s history for God’s people to be sharing the health message.

• Pray for all those involved in literature evangelism. Pray that people will be open to receiving the books and resources that colporteurs have to share.

• Pray for this week’s Adventist Mission unreached people group, the Yemenis. Social ties and hospitality are very important to the 7.5 million Yemenis primarily living in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Tragically, in recent years Yemen has been devastated by war, famine, and disease. Please pray that Yemenis have access to basic life necessities. Virtually none of the Yemenis are Christians. Join us in praying that Yemenis have the opportunity to learn that Jesus is their Savior.

• Pray for those struggling with raging fires across the North Western United States, especially in the state of California. Pray for the safety of our church members, churches, hospitals, and schools.

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