Aspiring Artist's Gift

Aspiring Artist’s Gift

By Sachiko Obara

My 14-year-old son, Eichiro, had a special plan for his summer vacation in Japan. He loved to draw, and he decided to save money to purchase a professional tablet and software that he could use to create his art.

Eichiro did careful preliminary online research to find out which tablet would be the best for him, and he even went to the store with his father to see it in person. At the same time, he eagerly looked for ways to earn money, even asking me to pay him for doing simple household chores.

After some time, he saved up 55,000 Japanese yen (U.S.$500), and he ordered the tablet online. “It will arrive soon!” he excitedly told me. Every three hours, he went online to check the delivery status.

A few days later, the package arrived. Eichiro carefully opened it, checked the tablet’s functions, and began to paint. For the next three days, he was like a professional artist holed up in a studio. Then he emerged from his room and made an astonishing announcement. “I’m thinking about giving the tablet away,” he said. He had seen a video, produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Japan, about a project to create a comic-book version of Ellen G. White’s The Great Controversy. In the video, he had seen a young Adventist artist starting to work on the project with an old tablet.

“If I could get her to use my tablet, I think it would help her to get more work done,” Eichiro said. “I’m asking God whether this is His will.”

At his insistence, I contacted the person in charge of the project and was put in touch with the young artist. It turned out that she needed a tablet just like Eichiro’s. But when she heard that Eichiro had worked so hard for it, she hesitated. So, I told her that Eichiro had made the decision with much prayer. “I’ll accept the tablet gratefully,” she said.

I believe that the Holy Spirit touched my son’s heart in a powerful way. Before buying the tablet, his only thoughts were about how to earn more money. But as the Holy Spirit worked, his focus shifted from self to God and His mission work. I’m very happy that my son heard God’s calling and was able to contribute to His work. Let’s all seek to obey God just as honestly when He calls us to fulfill the mission of proclaiming Jesus’ soon coming to the world.

This story is used with permission of Adventist Mission.

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