God Heard our Prayers - Young Adult Testimonies!

God Heard Our Prayers

Testimonies From Young Adults

Last year, God impressed me to do an outreach project during Riverbend, a well-known music festival in Chattanooga, Tenn., USA. It was two weeks before the event and I had nothing prepared. No literature, no leaders, no vans, etc. So, I prayed and prayed. That day a friend called me and offered to serve as a leader, flying from California to Georgia. Another friend called from Meet Ministries in Tenn. and offered to lead, too. Then another friend from Butler Creek volunteered. The Georgia Cumberland Conference donated all of the literature, and a friend, who just happened to be passing through the area, picked it all up for us. Everything came together, and the Lord worked it all out. It was a huge faith building experience for me. We distributed over 50,000 GLOW tracts and many people were interested in what we had to share. I gave literature to a man who immediately started to cry when he read the title, “Promise of Peace.” He had just lost his job and I prayed with him, that he would find peace. He learned that Christ loves him and that he can trust Him. Praise the Lord! He truly answers our prayers! - Arianna Rayo, Wildwood, Georgia


Last year, I spent ten months in Kenya as an assistant girl’s dean at a boarding academy. I was privileged to work closely with the girls. During the week of prayer, I noticed a spiritual battle among the youth. Many students stood for one of the appeals, but there was one girl who was hesitant. The Holy Spirit tugged at my heart and told me to ask the student what was wrong. Normally, this girl was a happy and vivacious girl, but she was unusually sad. When I called her into my office, she poured out her heart to me. She told me how no one knew that her best friend had committed suicide. My student had been depressed for several months. She kept up a façade, yet God saw that she needed someone to share her burden with. A few nights later, I prayed for hours with her over her decision for baptism. As a youth, she felt scared to be different, but God worked through her fear and doubt. She ended up being one of the students who got baptized during that week of prayer. Praise the Lord! - Tara Thona, Loma Linda, California


My family and I were blessed to be able to attend and volunteer for Your Best Pathway to Health in Phoenix, Az., USA, this year. I served in the dental department transporting patients. One patient’s paperwork was lost, and a coworker and I searched all over the massive “mobile hospital.” He needed this paperwork in order to have the procedure done. We went to every department trying to retrace the path he had taken. We were praying individually as we searched. Once we got to the pharmacy, we asked the pharmacist to look and began to pray together for the Lord to help us. I believe the promise, “When two or three are gathered together in His name I will be there among them.” God blessed our united prayer and when we opened our eyes, the Pharmacist was standing there waiting for us to finish. With a huge smile on her face, she handed us the very paperwork we needed! - Cheryl Bernard, Weimar, California

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World Church Prayer Requests

March 1 - 8, 2020

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the Lake Union Prayer Conference taking place March 6-7, 2020 in Indianapolis. The conference is called “Our United Cry” and will be praying for the upcoming General Conference Session. Pray for the speakers, the attendees, and for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on God’s Church.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Global Youth Day, March 21, 2020. The focus is on “Refugees, Homeless, and Strangers” and the theme is “iCare.” Pray for young people all around the world to be involved, to “be the sermon,” and for many lives to be changed for God’s glory. To learn more, visit: https://youth.adventist.org/gyd

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue to pray for our members in Iceland to know how to reach out to and effectively witness in their communities. Pray for the individuals who received one of the 150,000 GLOW tracts passed out by Generation.Youth.Christ. volunteers this last summer. Pray for those who have started coming to church to continue to grow in their spiritual experience.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the Total Member Involvement event scheduled for Papua New Guinea in May 2020. Please pray for all of the logistical details that are being arranged.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for church members in Japan who are making plans for outreach at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of those competing in and attending the games, that they would discover that God has called us to run an even more significant race—not for a gold medal but for an eternal reward.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the “Health for Every Day” radio broadcast airing in Tokyo, Japan. Ask God to guide and bless the presenters, inspire listeners, and connect those listeners to local churches.

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