I Will Buy Them All!

I will Buy them All!

By a Missionary from India

During my colporteur work, I met Mr. Sam* - a senior, middle-aged businessman. As soon as I entered his office, I told him the purpose of my visit and presented my wonderful books. I could immediately see that he was not really interested and that there was something else in mind. "Sorry, brother," he said, "I do not want to buy any books today." I quietly prayed, asking God to help me tell him something that would reach him.

At that moment he asked me: "Why are you doing this work?" I replied that I wanted to share Jesus' love with people. I also told him I was an Adventist. With those words, the expression of His face and His approach to me immediately changed. Becoming interested and with excited voice, he said: "I want to buy a copy of every book you sell. Write down what you have in order and show me the bill!” Surprised, I thanked him and did exactly as he said. I showed him all the titles and the final amount. He did not hesitate at all or complain. Now there was a desire to buy books! God heard my prayer, though his quick response and the size of the order surprised me.

I was wondering what was it that changed Mr. Sam's opinion so quickly. That's why I asked him: "Sir, if I am allowed to ask you, what influenced you to change your attitude? "

Mr. Sam laughed and said that his son, who studied in Australia, somehow found himself in the midst of a student rebellion and everyone had to flee for safety. He went to his relatives and begged that they would help him, but they refused to give him any help. His son had to flee further in fear for his life. He had no place to hide. Then he saw the Adventist church and entered it. The pastor and some believers greeted him and told him that he could feel quite safe with them. They said to him, "Jesus loves you, and we love you too." Mr. Sam continued: "That Christian Adventist church offered my son a shelter and help when his own family rejected it." Then he added: "Believers of your church in Australia are kind, loving and very helpful!"

What a wonderful testimony! I was really grateful to our faithful people in Australia. I prayed for Mr. Sam and his family. Thank you to all those kindly brothers and sisters on the other continent, for living as Christ would have them live.

"By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love among yourselves" (John 13:35; Bible)

This story, originally written by a missionary from India and featured in the book, Encountering God’s Grace, published by the Review and Herald 2013, has been adapted and shortened. *The name “Sam” is a pseudonym to protect safety of individual.

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World Church Prayer Requests

June 10-17, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST: Let’s pray this week for the Trans-European Division which now encompasses 22 countries, including Macedonia. The area comprising the TED has a population of about 205 million people, with 86,000 Seventh-day Adventist members worshipping in 1,165 churches. With postmodern secularism prominent in this region, ministries focus on evangelism and outreach for the secular mind, and much prayer is needed.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for TED leaders Raafat A. Kamal, division president; Audrey E. Andersson, secretary; and Nenad Jepuranovic, treasurer. Please pray for the Union and Conference leadership as well as local pastors.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the youth of the TED to desire a personal relationship with Jesus, and make Him the Lord of their life. Pray for Seventh-day Adventist education in the TED to be a light and witness in the community.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please also pray this week for the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID), which encompasses 23 countries and islands. It is comprised of 10 unions and one attached field. The Lord has blessed this Division with a membership of 3,514,060, worshipping in 23,972 congregations throughout its territory.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for SID Division leaders, Solomon Maphosa, president; Gideon Reynecke, executive secretary; and Goodwell Nthani, executive treasurer, as well as all the staff at the division headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa. Pray for the Union, Conference, and Mission leadership as well.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for Mission to the Cities in the SID. Special focus is being placed on reaching affluent people in the metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, South Africa, and Harare, Zimbabwe. Please pray for Divine encounters with people of influence who may be able to share what they learn with others in their social networks.

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