Miracle at the Bus Stop

Miracle at the Bus Stop

By Edith Kiggundu

The words were loud and clear. “Have you tried Ha Moruthoane?”

“What?” I asked, startled by the voice, and quickly turning to see who was speaking. Right behind us was a man with dark brown eyes, looking at both my husband and me.

“Have you tried Ha Moruthoane school? There is a job for you.”

We were standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus to take us to Morija, a small village in Lesotho.

My husband had left Uganda in search of greener pastures in South Africa. Having failed to get a placement in South Africa, he was advised to try Lesotho. A kind couple graciously hosted my husband there while he looked for a job. Three months later, I joined him in Lesotho because as a teacher, the job prospects were better for me.

I hit the ground running, going from one school to another, getting one regret letter after another. In our distress, we prayed and fasted for days, seeking God’s guidance. Still, the situation seemed to be getting more hopeless, and we felt helpless to do anything about it.

Three more months went by, and we felt like we were becoming a burden to our hosts. And so, to lessen the burden, we decided that I would temporarily live with my brother in South Africa. For a newly married couple in a strange land, that was a tough decision to make, but we felt it necessary.

I planned to leave to go to my brothers on a Monday, so on the last Sabbath before my scheduled departure, we decided to use our remaining 30 Rands to go and bid farewell to the members at the Adventist church we had been attending in Maseru (Lesotho’s capital city). While all the church members were friendly, there was a very special couple who had been particularly kind to us. On our previous visits, they would take us to their home for lunch and, afterward, drive us back to our temporary home in Morija.

It was a tearful and emotional farewell. Adding to the drama of the day, the kind couple we expected would take us home could not after all because their car had broken down.

With heavy hearts, my husband and I forlornly and dejectedly walked the dusty path towards the bus stop. And on that very hot summer day, God put a song on my heart. I started singing softly under my breath:

I must tell Jesus all of my trials, I cannot bear these burdens alone; In my distress He kindly will help me, He ever loves and cares for His own. I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus! I cannot bear my burdens alone; I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus! Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.

I continued singing until we arrived at the bus stop. And it was while we were waiting for the bus, the stranger came out of the blue saying, “Have you tried Ha Moruthoane?”

He gave us the directions to the school, which was conveniently en-route to Morija. Before we could even manage a “Thank you,” the man vanished in the crowd.

We took the bus, and 30 minutes later, we were told that we had arrived at the little village of Ha Moruthoane. We got off the bus, and half-walking, half-running, we made our way toward the school, which was two miles from the main road.

When we arrived, we found a heavyset older man sitting in the yard. We greeted him and without responding, he stood up, walked to the house, and came back with a contract for me to sign.

“School starts on Monday. I expect you to be here by then.”

I stood, looking at him in disbelief.

“You may stay in our accommodation,” he added.

We stood there in a daze. It was like a dream; everything was happening so fast. We kept asking ourselves so many questions.

• How did the man at the bus stop know that we were looking for a teaching job?

• How did he know that we had run out of options and were ready for plan B?

• How did he identify us in such a crowded place?

• How was he so sure that we would get the job?

• How did the older man offer me a contract without asking any questions and not checking my academic credentials?

• How? How? How?

The answer, although complex and mysterious, was also simultaneously very simple: God met us at our greatest point of need. We signed the contract, and we were shown our new home, a grass-thatched round house accommodation, called a “rendezvous,” which became our home for over a year.

We had reached the end of the road with no hope whatsoever, but God amazingly came through for us by sending an angel with a special message of hope.

Thinking about the incident months later, we recognized that the events of the day were all orchestrated by the Lord. His eyes were upon us. The breaking of our friends’ car on our supposedly last Sabbath was God’s providence because, had the vehicle not broken, our friends would have taken us home that afternoon, and we would have missed that divine appointment with the messenger with a special message directly from God.

My friend, no matter your situation, God is real; His eye is upon every sparrow; His eye was upon two desperate sparrows named Fred and Edith. (See Matthew 10:29-31, Matthew 6:25-34, and Luke 12:6-7). He showed up for us in a miraculous way, and He has repeatedly met us at the point of our deepest need. He wants to meet your needs also.

Edith Kiggundu is married with three adult children and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, where she serves as first elder in her local church. She is an educator by profession and is a woman of prayer who is passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. This story is reprinted with permission of https://timetogetready.org.

World Church Prayer Requests

For the month of June 2024

  1. South Africa: A group of young people, part of African Young Generation for Christ (AYGC), will be distributing the Great Controversy and health literature on the 16th of June 2024 in Midrand at the Mall of Africa. They are praying for funds to buy many books, as well as media equipment to shoot videos for the Lord to prepare the volunteers for this work and the people they will engage with.
  2. United States: Please pray that the AMEN and the Pathways to Health free clinic scheduled to be in Brooklyn New York, on June 6-9 will be a success and many hearts will be won for the Lord. That’s happening this weekend. Keep them in prayer.
  3. St. Lucia: Pray for the Micoud Ebenezer SDA church. A Good News Gospel Extravaganza is taking place May 19th - June 15th, 2024. (That’s happening right now!) Pray that members will give their full support, and many will surrender their lives to God.
  4. Philippines: The Palawan Mission of Seventh-day Adventist requests prayers for the pioneering Missionaries from 1000 Missionary assigned in the island of Pagasa, Kalayaan, Palawan. This is the only Municipality in Palawan that has no Adventist members or churches.
  5. Senegal: Please pray that church members can find a place to worship in Grand Yoff a centrally located and highly populated neighborhood in Dakar, Senegal. Currently believers are worshiping at a more distant location and their hearts desire is to return to their roots to better serve this important neighborhood in Grand Yoff.
  6. United Kingdom: Pray for the project, Impact Glasgow, a weeklong evangelism initiative taking place in Scotland in July where the church will be seeking to reach the community through 4 days of Health Expo/Health Seminars and a community focused morning worship service. There will also be an afternoon music concert on Sabbath. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on this event.
  7. United States: Pray for the Mt. Olive Seventh-day Adventist church in Hemingway South Carolina. Please pray for their upcoming revival, youth ministry and for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all the believers.
  8. Uganda: Pray for the SDA church Kasese “Better Living Center.” Please pray that the church will be awakened to prayer and study of the word and that God will indeed make it a center of influence. Pray for AWR 109.2 light FM that God will continue to provide the resources and pour His Holy spirit upon the staff and management of this radio program.
  9. Zimbabwe: Joybells Adventist Academy has opened a new school in Chiwundura Zimbabwe, to reach children who are far away from an Adventist school. Pray that God will bring more children and that He will provide resources for the new schools.
  10. United States: June 21-29, pastors and some lay members from the Northern California Conference will be holding evangelistic meetings throughout the city of General Santos in the Philippines. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move in a mighty way.
  11. Australia: The Waitara SDA church is requesting prayer for true revival and reformation among all attendees and members of their church. Please pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray that God increases church attendance and that He brings new people into the church.
  12. Kenya: Members from the Seventh Day Adventist of Kooje are requesting prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that souls may be won to Christ during an evangelistic campaign scheduled from June 2nd to June in Meru town Kenya. This series is ongoing right now. Please keep them in prayer.
  13. Nigeria: Pray for the Seventh Day Adventist Church Ebutte Metta, in Lagos. Pray that God will help church members get a permanent place of worship after over 24 years. They have had two former acquired lands taken over by government due to flooding in the area. They are now embarking on Caleb project, "Give me this mountain." Pray that God will supply the needed property and financial support.
  14. Saudi Arabia: Please pray for church members from Riyadh SDA Church. Pray for Holy Spirit wisdom especially during crucial exams taking place June 16-18.

“Were not miracles wrought by Christ and His apostles? The same compassionate Saviour lives today, and He is as willing to listen to the prayer of faith as when He walked visibly among men. The natural cooperates with the supernatural. It is a part of God's plan to grant us, in answer to the prayer of faith, that which He would not bestow did we not thus ask.” Great Controversy, p. 525

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