Miracles from 10 Days of Prayer

Miracle Testimonies from 10 Days of Prayer

In a little over a week, the world church begins it’s yearly 10 Days of Prayer which runs January 9-19th. This 10 Days of Prayer is for both individuals and church groups. Below are some testimonies from last year’s 10 Days of Prayer. If you have a testimony, please share it with us! (To learn more, visit: tendaysofprayer.org)

“We met nightly in our new church building during the 10 Days of Prayer. The program was spirit-filled with various prayer sessions, singing, meditation and sermons that centered around the Sanctuary. All members of our church fasted in some way during the course of the ten days. One lady, Nani, has lived her entire life worshipping Hindu gods. She found the truth of Jesus in 2016 and was baptized, but she still did not have complete victory or healing. After attending the 10 Days of Prayer program, she testified that she can now walk and get into the car unassisted, unlike before. She praised God for answering her prayer request. Our pastor also requested prayer for his son who no longer attends church. We began praying for his son and before the fifth night of prayer, his son came to join the church! We saw how the power of prayer enables the Holy Spirit to touch the heart and change it. His son has continued to attend church every Sabbath.” – Samuel, Fiji

“10 Days of Prayer was such a blessing. We experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our speakers, participants and all who called in on the prayer line. Callers were from five different states and varied denominations. We thank God for using this ministry to reach many souls for His kingdom.” – Doris, USA

“Our church arranged for a bus to pick up church members nightly for the 10 Days of Prayer. This particular driver often brought members to usual Sunday and Wednesday night services, then would return to pick them up afterward. On the first night of our program, someone invited the bus driver to remain for the service. He did! That night he went home and shared his experience with his fiancée and encouraged her to attend the next night. They both attended the following evening and were present every night after. Toward the end of 10 Days of Prayer, they spoke with the elder about their plans to marry soon and follow the Lord. We praise the Lord!

Every night was Spirit-filled. There were nights when we had a total of 40 in attendance, with 20 of them being visitors from the community. We felt the presence of God and I know people were praying for us during that time. May God continue to pour out His Spirit on His church.” – Danny, Saint Lucia

“Our church (Northside SDA) has been participating in the 10 Days of Prayer program for the past six years. In 2017, during the 10 Days of Prayer, our group gathered as usual to continue in prayer and praise. However, that night, after we went home, we received a message that one of our members was car-jacked outside his home and driven to a deserted place. Usually situations like this end fatally. At that moment, we all got on our knees and started praying that no harm would come to His child. After an hour, we received news that Wesley had been set free, unharmed. I do not know how to explain this miracle other than that God summoned His angels to the aid of His child, and He could do so because we were praying. The car was recovered and Wesley was shaken, but his faith in God has been doubled. He was able to fulfill his Sabbath duties as scheduled, just two days after the incident!” – Ronnie, South Africa

“Never have I felt so close to the Lord as when our small group comes together to pray. Putting self aside, humbling our hearts, and seeking Him unitedly is like a taste of heaven and it seems like for the first time, we are really a true family in the Lord. Wow! Why have we wasted so much time talking and doing our own things in the church, when we should have been praying? Truly, the 10 Days of Prayer will change your life and the life of your church. Please don’t miss the blessing God wants to give you!” – Missy, USA

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World Church Prayer Requests

December 30 - January 6, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the General Conference Youth Ministries Department as they prepare to mobilize an international evangelistic series led by Pathfinders and other young adults in March 2019. Youth will preach in approximately 100,000 sites across the globe as part of the Total Youth Involvement initiative. #TYI19

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the Total Member Involvement events scheduled for India in 2019. Pray for logistics, and for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on the country in a very special way.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue praying for Ten Days of Prayer, which starts next week, January 9-19, 2019. Many lives have been changed because of this special initiative. Please pray earnestly that more individuals, as well as churches, all over the world will choose to be part of this powerful Ten Days of Prayer focusing on cultivating a deeper experience with the Lord. To learn more, visit: www.tendaysofprayer.org

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray that as we prepare to enter a New Year, each one of us will take some extra time to come apart and sit at Jesus feet. Pray that we, like Mary, will recognize that the greatest gift we can give our Lord is not our works, but our attention and devotion. Let us “Be still and know that He is God.”

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